Summary of Common Citizens` duty to give Orders via SMS etc. to public servants – MPs, PM, CM, MLAs, Judges etc. — `SMS-orders to public servants` campaign method

Overall Summary of `SMS-orders to public servant`- campaign method –

According to the preamble of the constitution, it is our DUTY as citizens to give orders to our public servants.

We do not mind whom you support or oppose or what method of protest you use. But just putting a loudspeaker for cheering your favourite leader/party or cheering your favourite neta/party online on social media is INSUFFICIENT to make your favourite neta the PM or CM of the country or to put your party into power. Because only our MPs, MLAs etc. public servants have the power to make someone the PM or CM of this country or to put your favourite party into power or get printed solution-drafts in gazette and vote on procedure-drafts.

And just cheering a leader/party does not prove that you are really a supporter of that neta/party. If you really want to support your favourite neta/party or you would like to get a solution-draft implemented, you must ALSO (along with your method of support/protest) give necessary message-orders to your MPs, MLAs, etc. public servants to immediately get started a motion in the parliament or assembly to make our favourite neta the PM or CM of the country or to promote your favourite party. And give proof of sent sms-orders to as many people as possible via FB wall-notes, blog, pamphlets, google-docs, etc. so that the public gets proof and others are also inspired to do the same. To send a sms-order to a public servant and to show the proof of the sent sms-orders to the public will take only 5-10 minutes of your time.

So, unless we common citizens tell the public servants what exactly we want them to do and what we do not want them to do in an objective and provable way, how will they know and how will other citizens know? For example, if you don’t want MPs, PM to allow FDI then how are they supposed to know? Did you order your MP by sms to not allow FDI? If not, then it’s your fault that you do not send sms-order to your MP that you do not want FDI. So, sending orders to our public servants makes us a responsible citizen.

In this way, we should do our constitutional duty. Why must we wait until 5 years ? Why should we sleep for 5 years or cry for 5 years and be active only for one day in 5 years ? This is not democracy. And if a public servant does not listen to thousands of citizens, we should expose that public servant with proof and get him replaced with better person ANYDAY instead of putting up with him/her for 5 years.

Another lie which Subramaniam, Modi, Kejriwal and other leaders tell the activists and common citizens is – `Elect our party to majority and we will make good laws`. This is simply impossible. Why ? Let us say, somehow a party gets majority in Loksabha, but still it needs 5-10 years or more to get majority in rajyasabha to get laws passed . And even if somehow, a law is passed in both houses, MNCs can get that law cancelled via their agent judges in Supreme Court. So, a bunch of people cannot counter the mighty MNCs, who as of today have hold over most of media and most of judiciary.

Only 2-4 lakhs of activists, all working alone and not in any group and few crores of commons are needed to raise a mass movement on good law-procedures and force the PM/CM to put them in Gazette notification. PM/CM needs only few hours to print these procedures in Gazette notification to pass these laws. I would request the audience to study how changes were brought about by real, successful, activist-guided mass movements like Indian Navy Revolt , 1946, Emergency mass-movement,1977, etc.

We, concerned activists are promoting campaign method that activists should read and make up their mind on EXACT law-draft they want and then activist should send order to PM\MP to print that law-draft in the Gazette. The citizens can also send SMS-orders to his/her MP to have a motion to make his favourite neta as PM or can ask his MP to ensure the neta he/she hates never becomes PM. And then activists must display the sent SMS-orders on their wall notes, blog etc. (anywhere the masses can easily trace and read) so that it serves as proof to the public and also inspires others to do the same.

To create uniqueness of the sent message-orders, each sim of mobile numbers can be tagged with a voter id and later finger print scans. The public mobile of the public servant will be linked to his website and the sent message-orders will be automatically be published and get displayed on the website of the public servant along with their mobile number, sender name, sender address, voter id. So, duplicates can be easily removed by the software and any citizen can cross-verify the messages displayed on the website of the public servant. To save time of the public servant, short codes can be created by the public servants or the citizens. The software will auto-group the message-orders having similar short code tags, thus saving time of the public servant and also the public opinion can be known in an objective manner.

To avoid manipulation of the procedure by means of money-power, media-power and gangster power, there will be a safeguard that any citizen can change their opinion ANYTIME and the last sent sms-order for a short code will be registered. No one can buy lakhs of people by paying crores daily nor can one hire thousands of goons daily to suppress them.

Those citizens who do not have mobiles can give their opinions on already registered short codes at the Patwari (village officer) office or any government office specified by the public servant by verifying themselves via voter card, photo (optional for women) and finger print scan and paying Rs.1 fee. Please see the details regarding this campaign-procedure and user-paid system in section 2.2 of the article.

So if lakhs and crores of citizens send orders to MP\PM via SMS, then it will have following effects –

(1) it will create a verifiable proof of count, and so (2) the count will motivate Mahatma Udham Singh like brave persons to visit PM and ask them to print that law in Gazette (3) so either due to orders of citizens PM will print the draft OR due to request of Udham Singh, PM or next PM will print the draft.

And thus, that law-draft will get printed in Gazette or your favourite neta will become the PM.

In this article, also we have compared different approaches and explained why sending orders to PM\MP\etc via SMS is a superior method compared to Anshan-dharna, shouting slogans, writing letters etc. And also cited are possible motives Congress-apex, RSS-apex, Anna, Arvind bhai, Subramaniam etc. have in opposing the method of activists directly sending orders to PM\MP via SMS.

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