9. I am in. Can I distribute pamphlets?

Yes. Pamphlets(in all Indian languages and brail) can be downloaded from www.righttorecall.info/001el.pdf or photocopied.

Each motivated RTR activist(= RTR-A) will stand near the bus stand in his village, city, in city service bus stops in metropolitan city and distribute 25-100 pamphlets for half an hour on every Sunday 09:00 -09:30. Or Monday 8:00-08:30 (Nationally Agreed Time=NAT). If NAT is not suitable for you, you can distribute at any time- but inform every pamphlet receiver (= PR) “I am not been able to distribute at NAT, sorry”.

Stop distributing if govt authority asks. Distribution will stop when all 75 crore voter-citizens have received pamphlets, or TCP is implemented by the PM/CM or when RTR-A dies. If PR asks explanation, RTR-A will explain procedure to maximum 2people at a time to avoid gathering. Aim is to keep peace and give no chance to trouble makers/opponents. So no more than 3 people in a spot anytime. Peace is maintained via out.

Please keep MRCM draft 1 copy https://rtrrecommendations.wordpress.com/2012/09/02/5-second-rrp-proposal-mineral-royalties-for-citizens-military/ .

All RTR-A may upload video of pamphlet distribution event on YouTube RRG channel. Distribute free or sell the pamphlet for 1-3 rupee,(When you sold/bought the pamphlet tick this box to prevent resale)


Right To Recall Group.

About RTR

3 line law can reduce corruption and bring peoples to power

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