66 Improving — Moral values , National character and Moral Education

66.1    Steps to improve moral values, national character and moral education

The moral values, national character and moral education will improve if and only when policemen, courts conduct cases with least unfairness and speedily. In a country, where policemen and courts deliberately delay cases and through unfairness, morality will remain low, no matter how preaching and teaching is done. Once we commons ensure that policemen\courts are not harassing innocents and sparring, the crime, corruption, partiality and repression decreases, moral values and moral education will automatically improve.

66.2    Law-drafts to improve moral values, national character and moral education

Following are the Gazette drafts I propose to improve law education in India.

  1. Transparent Complaint Filing : (see section-1.3) To improve moral education, national character and moral education, it is necessary to first know stand of citizens and intellectuals on many moral issues. This can be done by printing TCP-draft in Gazette, which would allow citizens to disclose his stand on moral\legal issues. This will at least inform citizens and students about moral values that fellow citizens, including intellectuals have.
  2. Jury System , Right to Recall judges  : (see chap-21) As long as there is rampant corruption and nepotism in courts, and unfairness that occurs due to corruption and nepotism, moral values in students will remain low. In order to reduce corruption in courts, we must gave Right to Recall judges and Jury System. Once RTR-judges and Jury System, unfairness in courts will reduce, and moral value, national character and moral education in the society will improve.
  3. Right to Recall Police Chief , Jury System over Policemen : (see chap-22) One of biggest reason which creates a feelings in citizens that “moral values and national character are useless” is corruption in policemen. And this can be reduced by Right to Recall Police Chief and Jury System over Policemen. So we activists should try to print RTR District Police Chief, Jury System over Policemen etc drafts in Gazette. Once that happens, moral values, national character and moral education will improve.
  4. Teaching law as subject : Law-drafts should be taught as a subject to students, starting whichever level parent approve. And convince the students that law-drafts are the least unethical possible law-drafts one can write, ethics as seen by the majority in India. And to convince that to the students, the law-drafts should actually be as less unethical law-drafts as possible to begin with. If law-drafts are rampantly unethical, it will be hard to explain it other way. So using TCP, unethicalness in law-drafts should be reduced to lowest possible levels. Once law-drafts are changed to ensure that they as unethical as possible, moral values, national character and moral education will improve.
  5. Taking students to courts, police stations, prisons :  The teachers should take students to court, police stations and prisons to show that all criminals do get punished, and only criminals do get punished. And for that to happen, it should be the fact that policemen\courts are not damaging ethical persons and punishing all criminals, at least , large criminals and repeated offenders must never get away. So using TCP, law-drafts must be written so that innocents incur least damage and no repeating and large criminal escapes. Once courts, police stations and prisons improve, and as students are taken to all these places, moral values, national character and moral education will improve.
  6. Informing students about paradoxes and concepts in morality : The students should be informed about various concepts such benefit doubt, risk of punishing innocent vs risk of letting criminal walk away, repeat offender vs first-time offender and several such concepts in law, criminology and moral values. As students’ knowledge in these concepts increase, moral values, national character and moral education will improve.
  7. Right to Recall District Education Officer , RTR State Education Minister : In order to put moral education in students, it is necessary that field of education involves least unethical behavior. Today, education dept is full of unethical behavior. Most of the unethical behavior is because of corruption in education dept, the two nodal authority – District Education Officer and Education Ministers today are highly corrupt. The solution is RTR over DEO and State Education Minister. . If an activist is serious about reducing corruption in he should work towards printing RTR DEO and RTR State Education Minister drafts in the Gazette. Once these drafts come in Gazette, corruption in Education Dept will decreases and it would become easy to give moral education to students.

66.3    What can YOU do to improve moral values, national character and moral education

Please read chap-13 of this book http://rahulmehta.com/301.htm . It has several steps where-in you can spend 6 hours a week and help to bring TCP draft in Gazette in India. The steps involve distributing pamphlets, informing citizens on motives of leaders such as Congress MPs, BJP MPs, The Anna, Arvind Gandhi etc who oppose TCP draft, by giving newspaper ads and contesting elections. Once TCP gets printed in Gazette, using TCP, it will become easy for activists to get citizens’ opinion law-drafts necessary to improve moral values, national character and moral education. Once law-drafts such as Right to recall District Education Officer, RTR Education Minister, Teaching Law as a subject, RTR Police Chief, RTR District judge, Jury System etc get printed in the Gazette, the moral values, national character and moral education will improve.


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