A three line law can reduce MNC domination, Poverty, Corruption etc in just 4 months !! -Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta

( Right to Recall Party – the only political party in India, where donations are prohibited !! )

A three line law can reduce MNC domination, Poverty, Corruption etc in just 4 months !!

The manifesto of ‘Right to Recall Party’ aka ‘Prajaa-aadheen Raajaa Party’

( If you have questions on RTR or any topic , pls read chap-19 and then may put questions you have)

Author : Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta , B Tech, Computer Science, IIT Delhi ;

MS , Computer Science, Rutgers – New Jersey State Univ

MehtaRahulC , http://facebook.com/mehtarahulc

About myself (author) : I completed my B Tech in Computer Science from IIT-Delhi in 1990 and then completed MS from Rutgers, USA. I came back in apr-1999 due to my parents’ ill health. In US, I studied US administration, courts, police etc for several years and compared with India, and concluded that USA is ahead because of laws such as Right to Recall, Jury System, wealth tax, inheritance tax etc and “political culture theory” given by Political Superstitionists is a humbug. Since oct-1998, I have been spreading information about proposed laws such as TCP, RTR-PM (RTR = Right to Recall), RTR Supreme Court judges, RTR RBI Governor, now RTR Lokpal, Jury System, wealth tax, inheritance tax etc. I contested may-2009 Loksabha election in Gandhinagar Constituency with sole goal of publicizing Right to Recall PM and other proposed law-drafts. I was 4th rank with 7300 votes. In oct-2010, I contested Municipal elections and in feb-2011 I contested Assembly by-election to further publicize RTR-drafts. I plan to contest dec-2012 Assembly elections in Gujarat and also apr-2014 Parliament election to spread information about RTR-drafts in citizens. Another goal is to ask all non-80G-activists to ask their leaders to support any RTR-draft of their choice and thus make their activist-leaders support RTR or expose the leaders before their own activists. And another goal is to convince as many non-80G-activists as possible that they too should contest elections on RTR issue.

Preface – 1 of 2

0.1 The Recallists ….

The Recallists.

That’s what we call ourselves ….. the Recallists.

We Recallists are the commons of India who believe that we commons of India must make PM print Right to Recall procedures in Gazette Notification next week. So that using these procedures we commons of India can expel Supreme Court Chief judge, PM, Lokpal, Reserve Bank Governor, Sarpanch etc within 1-2 months (if need to expel arises), without having to convince any authority like judges, Ministers, MPs etc. In modern India, we Recallists have been around since 1920s. eg Consider Mahatma Chandrashekhar Azad and his guru Mahatma Sachendra Nath Sanyal. In manifesto of Hindustan Republican Association in jan-1925, they said "In Republic (we will create), electors shall have the right to recall their representatives ,…, otherwise elections shall become a mockery." (see : shahidbhagatsingh.org/index.asp?link=revolutionary ). So RTR demand in India is over 85 years old.

We Recallists are pitted against anti-recallists i.e. those who oppose Right to Recall PM, RTR Supreme Court judges, RTR Lokpal, RTR MP etc proposals under false excuses of Constitution, logistics, instability, “commons sell votes” etc. And we Recallists suffer more from pseudo-recallists (like The Anna and the Chhote Anne). The pseudo-recallists claim they support RTR, but damage the movement by asking activists not to study procedural aspects, by asking activists to campaign against RTR Lokpal clauses, by asking activists not to demand written RTR drafts and by asking activists to confine to RTR over Panchayats. The psuedo-recallists also damage RTR-movement by asking activists to postpone RTR on Supreme Court judges, PM, CMs, Lokpals etc till next life time. The pseudo-recallists also remain silent when anti-recallists call RTR impractical. The pseudo-recallists like The Anna and Chhote Anne aim to take less-informed Recallists to dead end and kill RTR movement (see section-13.18 for details). They are the biggest obstacles for us Recallists.

0.2. So why we Recallists became Recallists?

So what makes us Recallists Recallists? I don’t know. I don’t know what made me a Recallist in 1998 and what made my colleagues Recallists after they read my articles on RTR. And I don’t know what made Mahatma Chandrashekhar Azad a Recallist in 1920s. But following 2 factors look possible – (1) common sense (2) fear of war against China, USA, UK, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia etc

The first factor is plain vanilla common sense. To explain this common sense factor, I need you to answer a simple question. If you refuse to answer the question, then I can’t explain you my reason. So I need your co-operation here. So pls try to answer this question. And pls read ahead only after answering this simple question :

Say you own a factory with 1000 employees – managers, laborers etc.

And suddenly Govt of India makes 2 new rules –

§ you can NOT expel managers till they are 65 years and cant expel any workers for next 5 years

§ every month, money from your account will be deducted and salary will go to your employees.

Question : Then in 3 months, will the level of indiscipline in 1000 employees increase or decrease?

Please read further only after answering the above question. I will re-ask this question : three months after these new rules come, will the level of indiscipline increase or decrease?

IOW, if we the commons of India, can not expel judges, MPs, Ministers, IAS etc they will all become undisciplined, corrupt, nepotic etc. That’s why Mahatma Chandrashekhar Azad said in 1925 that “elections without recall will be a mockery”. AndSatyarth Prakash (see first page of chap-6) also says that “Raajaa must be Prajaadheen or else he will rob citizens”. RTR was implemented in Greece in 600 BC and made Greeks so powerful that mere 100,000 Greeks could win from Turkey to banks of the river Yamuna. And RTR has been implemented in US since 1750s and is main reason why US has been able to conquer Iraq, Saudi, Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan and Libya, and Iran and India are next. But one doesn’t need scriptures nor history nor examples of Greece and US to get the idea behind of Right to Recall — it is plain common sense. Most problems of us commons in India are not different from the factory owner who can not fire workers for 5-35 years. And the solution to our problems is also trivial — procedures by which we may expel officers, Ministers, judges. This book describes these proposed procedures and what non-80G-activists can do to get them printed in the Gazette.

The second factor that makes us Recallists Recallists is the fear of coming wars. IMO, the most important reason why we need less bad and less unfair government is to survive wars. Will India face a war? We Recallists do not know for sure if and when India will face wars. But then, no one in 1989 knew that US would war against Iraq and loot half the Iraq in 1990 and loot other half in 2004. And none knew in Jan-2010 that Europe\US would loot Libya. We fear that India may end up in into a war against some of her enemies. So India has three choices (1) India can import weapons or (2) India can manufacture weapons (3) India can neither import nor manufacture weapons

1. If India doesn’t import weapons and also doesn’t manufacture weapons, then India would very badly lose that war. The elitemen will flee to USA with family members and they will all be safe, but we commons will suffer 10 times more than what Hindus in Pakistan suffered in 1947. To give an estimate, in 1947, some 10 lakhs Hindus in Pakistan were stabbed or burnt\buried\skinned alive, some 2 crore Hindus had to flee, over 20 lakh Hindus were kidnapped and over 1 crore were forced to convert. Some of us fear that if India doesn’t import or make weapons, the fate of possible wars with USA, UK, Pakistan, China etc could 10 times worse than what happened in 1947.

2. Now if India imports weapons, India may avoid half the massacre, but would become slave of weapon exporting Western countries. I believe that the weapon exporters will exploit the dependence and then take over all mineral mines, oil wells, spectrum, banks and would ruin science/maths education system of India and later Christianize whole of India just like Philippines.

3. So I and other Recallists suggest that we should manufacture weapons in India.

So we commons must create a regime that would enable large scale manufacturing of US-quality weapons in India. Now we Recallists believe that such regime cannot come into existence without Right to Recall PM, Right to Recall Supreme Court judges, MRCM, Right to Recall District Education Officer and many such drafts we have proposed. And so we promote RTR so that a regime that promotes weapon manufacturing can come into existence. So may be our fears of possible wars are all wrong. May be nothing is going to happen. But what I and many Recallists think that if wars can ruin India, then RTR etc are the only law-drafts which may save us. So all in all, the fear of wars is one reason which had made many of us Recallists became Recallists.

0.3. Why I decided to write such a long book?

This book is over 450 pages. To get basics of RTR, you don’t need to read all 450 pages to understand part of it. Please just read chap-1 , chap-2, chap-6, chap-13 and then glance at the table of contents and jump to your areas of interests — such as Military, Education, Swadeshi, Court, Police or curb communalism or Gau-Raksha or saving Hindu temples or whatever.

Why is this party manifesto so long? Well, I need activists. And many activists have pet causes. E.g. some activists consider Education as “must-address” issue. Some activists consider Military as must-address issue, some consider cow-slaughter as must-address issue and so forth. If their pet issue is absent, the manifesto is useless for them. Now I want to show to maximal number of activists that their cause will benefit from proposed Right to Recall, TCP etc law-drafts. And for that I need to address all pet issues. So I wrote drafts of laws to reduce over 100 problems to meet expectations of various activists engaged in various pet causes. And so book has so many chapters. Also, I used larger fonts and used more space between lines than most books, so that senior citizens can read with ease. And so the book is over 450 pages. And second and third volumes will discuss 20-25 more issues, and will have 500 pages each . (see Preface part-2 on page-8)

Preface – part-2 (contd from Preface Part-1)

( For a detailed preface, pls see note titled as 301.000 on http://facebook.com/mehtarahulc )

0.4 : so will “people” read such a long book? and other issues …

Manyhave asked me this question – “will people read such a 500 page long book”? I will answer a similar but a different question — there are 75 crore adults in India, and of these, how many people i.e. how many thousand adult citizens of India will read this book? Now consider a citizen who has decided not to spend 100 hours in reading any book, be my book or any other book Surely he will not read this or any book. So out of 75 crore adults, some 74 crore would not be interested in reading any long book. So 74 crore out of 75 crore adults will not read my book. Now out of the remaining 1 crore,how many will read my book? Now consider a person who wants to spend say 4 hours a week of his time to reduce MNC domination, poverty etc. Say such a person has 500 books in front him and one of them is my Manifesto aka this 301.pdf book. If that activist is convinced that 100 hours needed to read this book will give him guidance in his goal of reducing problems of Indians, then surely and then only he will read it. Now say about 500 pro-poor anti-corruption activists are convinced by my phone conversations and emails that these 450 pages are worth the time. Say they decide to read say 80% of the 500 pages. And if these pages are worth the goal of reducing corruption, poverty, then these 500 activists will request more activists to read my book, and their personal recommendation aka word of mouth will fetch more readers. So to increase readership, I decided to increase the usefulness of contents for a pro-poor anti-videshi anti-corruption activists without giving any thought to the length. By the time 10000 people read 80% of this book, RTR laws would have come in India – this book’s purpose would have been served. So all in all, my goal to ensure that 10000 people read this book. That would suffice.

If you (reader) have any question on any line in this book, please feel free to post the question at forum.righttorecall.info . Or you may contact me at below mentioned contacts. And I officially request all readers to join Bharat Swabhiman Trust, political group started by Swami Ramdevji, and also discuss RTR drafts with all BST members. And also request all to join India Against Corruption, political group started by The Anna and discuss RTR-Lokpal clauses with all IAC members and ask The Anna to support Right to Recall Lokpal clauses.

Imp doc, video rahulmehta.com (see Rajiv Dixitji’s video on Right to Recall)
Forum for questions forum.rightorecall.info , groups.google.com/RightToRecall/
Facebook http://facebook.com/mehtarahulc , RRP — facebook.com/groups/RRPindia
Email address MehtaRahulC
Phones 91-98251-27780 , 91-98252-32754
Postal address F1/A, Supath-2 offices, Juna Vadaj, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad – 14
Website rahulmehta.com

If you agree that Right to Recall PM, RTR-Lokpal law-drafts we have proposed should come in Gazette Notifications, and it will benefit the commons of India, then please join our Facebook forum facebook.com/groups/rrgindia Right to Recall Against Corruption, please step simple steps mentioned in chap-13 of rahulmehta.com/301.htm and please sign the petition at petitiononline.com/rti2en/ .

— Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta, the author

(end of Preface)


I am copyrighting this book only to ensure that no one else can copyright the material and suppress its distribution. The copyright is not meant to restrict anyone from making copies and distributing it. Anyone is free to make copies of this book or part of it, and distribute it. No permission or payment is required or even expected. Ethically speaking, the person who takes the text from this book should mention my name, as I wrote this book and RTR, MRCM, TCP etc drafts first in oct-1998 and has been updating for 13 years. But if someone forgets to mention my name or is allergic to my name and so deliberately doesn’t mention it, I shall take no legal action. But I request him not to contact me and block me on social networking sites, and I shall block him as well. And if he mentions someone else’s name as author, I may take necessary legal action.

— Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta, the author

In the memory of

My father Late Shri Chimanbhai Mehta and my mother Late Shrimarti Nirmalaben Mehta. My father was a Freedom Fighter and had participated in Quit India movement in 1942, and served prison sentence. He pioneered work in land reforms in Gujarat in 1940s and early 1950s. I had to come back from US to India in 1999, only because my parents had refused to come to US despite their ailing health. This book perhaps would not have existed, if they had agreed to come and stay in US. My father was also a co-author of 1st edition of this book. And my guru, Rajiv Dixitjee. I differed with him and agreed on many topics, but his commitment for Right to Recall since 1996 did inspire me.

— Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta, the author

About RTR

3 line law can reduce corruption and bring peoples to power

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