70 List – 1 : Enumerated Powers we commons will get from RRP proposals

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[Currently, we
the commons in India have ONLY 3 enumerated powers : power to vote in elections
of Panchayat Members, MLAs and MPs. There are NO other enumerated powers. The suggested administrative procedures give dozens of enumerated powers to commons,
some of which are mentioned below.]

Enumerated powers we commons get from TCP

1. TCP, Clause-1 : A citizen if he wants can post his complaint on PM’s website

2. TCP, Clause-2 : A citizen can add his name to a complaint posted on the PM’s website

Enumerated powers we commons get from MRCM draft

3. Citizens will directly get land rent from all GoI plots

4. Citizens will directly get Mineral Royalties

5. Citizens can replace National Land Rent Officer\

Enumerated powers we commons get from first four RTR law-drafts

6. Citizens can replace PM, CMs without waiting for 5 years

7. Citizens can replace Supreme Court Chief judge, High Court Chief judge any day

8. Citizens can replace RBI Chief any day

9. Citizens can replace District Police Chief any da

Enumerated powers we commons get wrt Reservation

10. An SC, ST or OBC will have option of asking for Rs 600 per year instead of reservation

Enumerated powers we commons get from various Right to Recall law drafts

11. RTR District Court Principal judge

12. RTR Three Four Senior SCjs

13. RTR Four Senior HCjs

14. RTR Four Senior District Court judges

15. RTR Jury Administrator of India

16. RTR State Jury Administrator

17. RTR District Jury Administrator

18. RTR National Land Rent Officer

19. RTR State Land Rent Officer

20. RTR MP


22. RTR Corporator, District Panchayat Member

23. RTR Tahsil Panchayat Member, Gram Panchayat Member

24. RTR Mayor, RTR District Panchayat Sarpanch

25. RTR Tahsil Panchayat Sarpanch

26. RTR Gram Panchayat Sarpanch

27. RTR Reserve Bank of India Governor

28. RTR Chief State Accountant

29. RTR Chief District Accountant

30. RTR State Bank of India Chairman

31. RTR Solicitor General of India

32. RTR Attorney General of India

33. RTR Solicitor General of State

34. RTR Attorney General of State

35. RTR District Chief Public Prosecutor

36. RTR District Civil Pleader

37. RTR Chairman, Medical Council of India Chairman

38. RTR State Medical Council

39. RTR Home Minister of India

40. RTR CBI Director

41. RTR Home Minister of State

42. RTR CID Director

43. RTR District Police Commissioner

44. RTR Finance Minister of India

45. RTR Finance Minister of State

46. RTR Education Minister of India

47. RTR National Textbook Officer

48. RTR Education Minister of State

49. RTR State Textbook Officer

50. RTR District Education Officer

51. RTR Health Minister of India

52. RTR Health Minister of State

53. RTR District Health Officer

54. RTR UGC Chairman

55. RTR University Vice Chancellor

56. RTR Ward School Principal

57. RTR Agriculture Minister of India

58. RTR Agriculture Minister of State

59. RTR Civil Supplies Minister of India

60. RTR State Civil Supplies

61. RTR State Civil Supply Minister

62. RTR District Supply Officer

63. RTR Comptroller Auditor General of India

64. RTR State Chief Auditor District

65. RTR Chief Auditor

66. RTR Municipal Commissioner, RTR Chief Officer

67. RTR National Power Minister

68. RTR State Power Minister

69. RTR District Power Supply Officer

70. RTR Chairman, Central Board of Direct Taxation

71. RTR Chairman, Central Board of Indirect Taxation

72. RTR State Tax Collection Officer

73. RTR District Taxation Officer

74. RTR Railway Minister

75. RTR State Transport Minister

76. RTR City Transport Officer

77. RTR Telecom Regulator (TRAI Chairman)

78. RTR National Electricity Regulator

79. RTR State Electricity Regulator

80. RTR Central Telecom Minister

81. RTR State Telecom Minister (*)

82. RTR District Telecom Cable Officer (*)

83. RTR District Water Supply Officer

84. RTR Central Election Commissioner

85. RTR State Election Commissioner

86. RTR National Petroleum Minister

87. RTR State Petroleum Minister

88. RTR National Coal Minister

89. RTR National Mineral Minster

90. RTR State Coal Minister

91. RTR State Mineral Minister

92. RTR Chairman, Archeological Survey of India

93. RTR Chairman, State Archeological Survey

94. RTR Chairman, National History Council

95. RTR Chairman, State History Council

96. RTR UPSC Chairman

97. RTR State Public Service Commission Chairman

98. RTR Central Govt Recruitment Board Chairman

99. RTR State Govt Recruitment Board Chairman

100. RTR District Recruitment Board Chairman

101. RTR Chairman, National Woman’s Commission (women voters can replace her)

102. RTR Chairman, State Woman’s Commission Chairman

103. RTR District Woman’s Commission

104. RTR Chairman, National Dalit Atrocity Prevention Commission (Dalit voters can replace him) Chairman

105. RTR State Dalit Atrocity Prevention Commission

106. RTR Chairman, District Dalit Atrocity Prevention Commission

107. RTR National Charity Commissioner

108. RTR State Charity Commissioner

109. RTR National Bar Council Chairman

110. RTR State Bar Council Chairman

111. RTR District Bar Council Chairman

112. RTR National Lokpal

113. RTR State Lok Ayukt

114. RTR District Lok Ayukt

115. RTR National Information Commissioner

116. RTR State Information Commissioner

117. RTR District Information Commissioner

118. RTR State Adulteration Control Officer

119. RTR District Adulteration Control Officer

120. RTR Editor, National Newspaper

121. RTR Editor, State Newspaper

122. RTR Editor, District Newspaper

123. RTR Editor, National Newspaper for Women (recallable by women voters)

124. RTR Editor, State Newspaper for Women (recallable by women voters)

125. RTR Editor, District Newspaper for Women (recallable by women voters)

126. RTR Chairman, Doordarshan Chairman

127. RTR State Doordarshan

128. RTR Chairman, District Channel

129. RTR Chairman, All India Radio

130. RTR Chairman, State Radio Channel

131. RTR Chairman, District Radio Channel

132. RTR Chairman, National-ID System

133. RTR Chairman, State-ID system

134. RTR Chairman, National Land Record System

135. RTR Chairman, State Land Record System

136. RTR Chairman, District Land Record System

137. RTR Speaker, Loksabha

138. RTR Speaker, Rajyasabha

139. RTR Speaker, Assembly

140. RTR Speaker, Legislative Council

141. RTR Speaker, District Panchayat, City Council

142. RTR Speaker, Tahsil Panchayat

143. RTR ONGC Chairman

144. RTR HPCL Chairman

145. RTR Chairman State Petrol Co.

The list is as on Aug-10-2010. The list only increases, does not decrease.

Enumerated powers wrt we commons get to reduce corruption at high places

146. Right to Recall (any person any high place)

147. Fines by Majority Voting

148. Imprisonment by Majority Voting

149. Execution by Majority Vote

Enumerated powers wrt we commons get from Water related proposals

150. EAS.01 : Citizens can change Water Guard for Underground Water by RLPP

151. EAS.01 : A citizen can allocate his Water Allowance to any bore-owner

152. Citizens can change Water Guard for Dam/River/Lake Waters

153. A citizen can change the receiver of his water allowance-buyer

Enumerated powers we commons get from RRP’s Court related proposals

154. RTR Supreme Court Chief judge

155. RTR High Court Chief judge

156. RTR District Court Principal judge

157. RTR Four Senior Supreme Court judges

158. RTR Four Senior Supreme Court judges

159. RTR Four Senior District Court judges

160. Jury System in Lower Courts

161. Jury System in High Courts

162. Jury System in Supreme Court

163. Students will be learning law from class-VI

164. Free law education for all adults

Enumerated powers we commons get from RRP’s Police related proposals

165. Right to Recall District Police Chief

166. Citizens can expel junior policemen using Jury Trials over Policemen

Enumerated powers we commons get from RRP’s Bank related proposals

167. Right to Recall RBI Governor

168. Right to Recall SBI Chairman

169. Jury Trial over RBI/SBI Bank Staff

170. Rupee volume will increase only after Citizens approve

Enumerated powers we commons get RRP’s Taxation related proposals

171. Right to Recall Chairman Direct Tax Board

172. Right to Recall Chairman Indirect Tax Board

173. Citizens can expel Tax Officers using Jury Trial over Tax

Enumerated powers we commons get RRP’s Education related proposals

174. Right to Recall Education Minister

175. Right to Recall District Education Officer

176. Right to Recall School Principal

177. Expel School teacher using Jury Trial

Enumerated powers we commons get RRP’s Electoral Reforms

178. Citizens will be able to cast more than one vote in IRV i.e. Instant Recall Voting (aka Preferential Voting)

The powers of Juries under the new suggested procedures reduce

1. If over 7 out 10 Jurors, after hearing the charges and defence, declare the officer is NOT worthy of serving the citizens, the Mayor/CM has to expel him within 2 days. (This will include ALL the officers under Municipal Corporation, District Panchayat and State Government including Police Officers)

2. An officer CANNOT be transferred without Jurors permission.

3. If a judge voids/stays a Jury’s order, the Jury Administrator must summon a DIFFERENT Jury and show the judge’s order to the Jurors. If over 7 out of 10 Jurors declare that the judge’s order is unconstitutional and malafide, the Mayor/CM has to ignore the judge’s order. If the Mayor/CM are afraid of “contempt of judge” related judgement, he may resign.

4. The Jurors can cancel any expense request submitted by an officer

5. The officers all quasi-judicial courts (such as Collector’s court, SSRD, Revenue Tribunal, Charity Commissioner’s Officer etc) to be replaced by Jurors.

6. The judges in lower courts to be replaced by Jurors.

7. The judges in High and Supreme courts to be replaced by Jurors.


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