69 Improving other areas – Topics to be elaborated in 310.pdf

This book is 301.pdf (aka 301.doc) . After a few days, I will freeze the contents of this book. Many important topics will be covered in next book namely 310.pdf. In short, 310.pdf is sequel to this book 301.pdf.

Topics discussed in 310.pdf

  1. Draft to reduce gold theft
  2. Draft to reduce theft of other valuable goods
  3. Drafts to reduce underground water waste
  4. Drafts to improve Land Acquisition compensation
  5. Drafts to reduce Population Growth
  6. Drafts to reduce water disputes amongst States
  7. Drafts to tackle US’s menace
  8. Drafts on issue of nuclear electricity and nuclear Weapons
  9. Drafts on GM and BT food
  10. Drafts on Labor Laws
  11. Drafts on protecting forests
  12. Drafts on reducing Air, Water Pollution
  13. Drafts on changes in Labor laws : improve social security and enact hire/fire
  14. Drafts to reduce Inspector Raaj
  15. Drafts to reduce land related crimes
  16. Drafts to reduce violent crimes
  17. Drafts to reduce superstitions in the society
  18. Drafts to create  old  age  pension system
  19. Drafts to reduce Dalit atrocities and improve social status of Dalits
  20. Drafts to reduce food adulteration
  21. Drafts to improve Key PSUs
  22. Drafts to reduce frivolous Govt Expenditure
  23. Drafts to reduce Water Wastage using Water Meters
  24. Drafts to create Universal Banking System
  25. Drafts for Monthly Income Tax filing and reduction in limitation
  26. Drafts to reduce Social Injustice
  27. Drafts to reduce Communal Violence
  28. Drafts to ban womb renting
  29. Drafts to make Right to Recall over company Chairman (by shareholders) easier

A brief description is as follows.

69.1    Reducing gold theft

Gold theft can be reduced by making gold “difficult to steal” gold. How?

Gold inside India can be made “difficult to steal” by enacting a law that each creating 1 gram, 10 gram, 100 gram etc coins/blocks and each coin with RFID chip in it.  and enacting law that all gold  blocks must have RFID chips and must be registered. And later, this law can be extended to all jewels as well. And possessing gold without RFID implanted in it will be illegal.

So now only way to get something useful out of stolen gold will be to smuggle the gold illegally out of India, and then smuggle in some useful saleable things back. This is not an easy task as it needs a bigger team, and so higher chances of getting caught. So putting RFID chills in gold coins and jewels , and making their Ids registered will make gold stealing difficult. At the same time, this gold is something that foreign invaders cannot steal easily because they will need to steal from a large number of persons. And foreign invaders can destroy it easily either.

This will also reduce the problem of fake gold.

I will later post details as notes in my facebook book account.

69.2   Reducing thefts of valuable goods

Theft of goods can be reduced by “difficult to steal” goods. How?

Some category goods, not all, can be made “difficult to steal” by enacting a law that each and every goods in that category will have to have serial number (and later an RFID chip) installed in it at the time of manufacturing.  And enacting law that the serial numbers must be registered and the sale of such goods must carry serial numbers on the invoice. And possessing goods of that category without bill and without serial number will be illegal.

So now only way to get something useful out of stolen goods of that category will be to smuggle them out of India illegally and smuggle in some useful things in back. This is not an easy task as it needs a bigger team, and so higher chances of getting caught. So putting serial numbers and later RFID chips and making their Ids registered will make theft of such goods difficult.

I will later post details as notes in my facebook book account.

69.3    RRP proposals to reduce underground water waste

All details are at http://rahulmehta.com/eas01.htm

69.4    RRP proposals wrt Land Acquisition

Land acquisition is important issue for industrial estates to come up, and growth of industrial estates are must to increase technological talent needed to manufacture weapons in long run. Also, India has become heavily dependent on imports because of lack of manufacturing capabilities and of many reasons why manufacturing capability is low is clumsy land acquisition process. Following is the brief summary of land acquisition process I propose :

  1. The first step is to create land ownership records, and explicitly label each individual as (a)owning no flat (b)owning one flat (c)owning 2 flats (d) owning 3 flats (e)owning more than 3 flats (f)owning no plot (g)owning 1 plot (h)owning 2 plots (i)owning 3 plots (j)owning more than plots (k)income less than 2 lakhs per year (l)income between 2 lakhs and 5 lakhs per year (m)income between 5 lakhs and 10 lakhs per year (n)income between 10 lakhs or above per year (o)value of wealth above 25 sqm per family member
  2. Purpose of (1) : Too many people pose themselves as “helpless” and demand very high compensation. The data gathered in (1) can be used whether the person is applicable only for market rate compensation or above the market rate compensation as well. If the person has several plots of additional wealth, then he will not be eligible for above the market rate compensation.
  3. If the person whose land is being acquired has no other plot/flat, then his compensation will be twice the market price (as decided by the Jurors) plus annual inflation adjusted monthly payment equal to the agricultural income that land would have fetched
  4. The acquired land will be only rented and not sold. And the rent will distributed amongst citizens as per MRCM draft.

69.5     RRP proposals to reduce Population Growth

  1. MRCM draft has clause that if a parent produces more children, then the money they will get as Mineral Royalty will decrease
  2. Will improve old age homes so that citizens have lesser desire for more children

69.6     RRP proposals to manage water disputes

Each citizen in the State will have Water Allowance equal to water available in that state divided by its population. And for rivers, a state’s share will be equal to length of river that passes thru it. The citizen can allocate this water quota to any water user or water buyer of any state. So now water is allocated by citizens to citizens, and thus Govts will be out of disputes. Some details are in http://rahulmehta.com/eas001.htm and rest are  http://rahulmehta.com/eas003.htm

69.7     RRP proposals to tackle US’s menace

USA has run many subversive activities in India, and continues to support them. In order to contain USA, we should take following steps :

  1. Improve strength of Indian Military
  2. Make bases in Mexico and Cuba
  3. Take initiatives to reduce the inhumane treatment African Americans face in US
  4. Encourage Africans Americans and Hispanics to form a separate independent country inside USA.
  5. Support Mexican Reconquista movement

69.8     RRP proposals on nuclear electricity and nuclear weapons

  1. Improve relations with African countries and Central Asian countries which can supply Uranium oxide power
  2. Ban import of machinery needed for nuclear electricity. Encourage local manufacturing of equipment needed to manufacture nuclear electricity
  3. “Parity with China first” as Nuclear Weapon policy; and once achieved, “Parity with USA” as policy.

69.9     RRP proposals on GM and BT food

  1. Using TCP, ban BT food. In fact, once citizens have TCP and later when citizens have Right to Recall/Imprison/Execute Agricultural Minister, the Agricultural Minister will not dare to sign BT food type proposals
  2. The GM food will grown and sold separately and inside a shop, GM and non-GM food must be separate. The customers will have full choice and means not to consume non-GM food.

69.10    RRP proposals on Labor Laws

  1. MRCM draft gives steady monthly income to every laborer, and thus makes him immune to exploitation. Thus bargaining capacity of labor will increase.
  2. Expose anti-poor activists, who call themselves pro-labor.
  3. Enact social security system and compulsory savings scheme for labor, so that he can sustain when he is unemployed
  4. Using TCP, enact hire-fire laws, so that labor indiscipline decreases and employer can reduce his financial burden during low business times
  5. Enact universal provident fund scheme monitored directly by Finance Minister. Close PF scheme for private company employees
  6. Enact universal pension scheme. Close PF scheme for private company employees

69.11     RRP proposals on Protecting Forests

  1. Wealth tax on land will ensure that less land is needed for commercial, industrial and residential purposes
  2. Improve Ration Card System, increase support prices ; remove all input subsidies. This will stop all subsidies going towards non-vegetarian food, and will thus reduce land requirement for food, and leave more land for forest
  3. Enact Equal Allowance System over Wood. This will reduce illegal cutting of forest wood and also reduce wood consumption. To get basic idea about EAS (EAS = Equal Allowance System, please see Equal Allowance System over Wood at http://rahulmehta.com/eas001.htm . And to get brief description of Equal Allowance System over Wood, please see http://rahulmehta.com/eas12.htm

69.12     RRP proposals on Reducing Air, Water Pollution

  1. Enact Equal Allowance System over Pollutants. To get basic idea about EAS (EAS = Equal Allowance System, please see Equal Allowance System over Wood at http://rahulmehta.com/eas001.htm . And to get brief description of Equal Allowance System over Pollutants, please see http://rahulmehta.com/eas11.htm
  2. Right to Recall Pollution Control Board Control Chairman will reduce corruption in pollution department and will improve enforcement.

69.13     RRP proposals to increase labor’s social security and enact hire/fire laws

  1. MRCM will create a social security system. This will reduce the exploitation of labor
  2. The employer will be free to expel employees after giving 1 to N/2 months of salary, where N is number of years he has worked for the employer.

69.14     RRP proposals to reduce Inspector Raaj

  1. Right to Recall all nodal Commissioner (or Chief Commissioner , Chairman) level officers  will ensure that they set traps to get evidences against errant Inspectors. Thus, Inspector Raj will go away. Eg when citizens have procedures to expel Chairman of Pollution Control Board, the Chairman will ensure that Inspector are not collecting bribes
  2. Jury Trial over GoI employees will ensure that corrupt Inspectors cannot walk away without imprisonment. This will also reduce bribery
  3. In addition, many posts such as labor inspector, PF inspector etc will be abolished.

69.15     RRP proposals to reduce land related crimes

  1. Torrance System over Plots and Building will reduce property related crimes.
  2. If the owner wants, Govt will publish the description, position of his property on the internet. This way, if ownership changes fraudulently, within minutes he will come to know
  3. Once a property becomes “published”, it will remain “published” for next 30 years

69.16     RRP proposals to reduce violent crimes

  1. Right to Recall Police Commissioner and JurySys over policemen will reduce police-criminal nexuses  and corruption police. So violent crimes will reduce.
  2. Right to Recall judges will reduce corruption in judges and so violent crimes will reduce.
  3. The JurySys will decrease the chances that the violent criminals will walk away free, and so violent crimes will decrease.
  4. Each citizen will be required to keep a gun with him, and so violent crimes will further reduces.

69.17     RRP proposals to reduce superstitions

  1. Jurors will be empowered to imprison a person who is charging money in the name of miracle cure
  2. Right to Recall District Education, Right Improve science education. Improvement in science education will reduce superstitions.
  3. An exercise will be conducted where Astrologers will be given date of birth, time of birth, longitude-latitude etc of 100 citizens from a sample of millions, and asked to predict height, weight, color of eyes etc. The output of this survey will reduce faith of citizens on Astrology
  4. MRCM reduces financial insecurity in society. And Jury System and Right to Recall Police Chief and RTR judges will reduce material possibility that they will become victims of crimes or govt harassment in citizens. Reducing economic insecurity and reduction material insecurity will reduce the need for miracle-makers.

69.18     RRP proposals to create  old  age  pension system

  1. Jurors will be empowered to imprison a person who is charging money in the name of miracle cure
  2. MRCM Drafts creates an old age pension system
  3. A pension scheme will be enacted where payments will be equal to 10% of the taxes person has paid, assuming he will live for 100 years. Eg say a person has paid taxes of Rs 1 crore till day and he is 60 years of age. So system will presume a life of 40 years i.e. 480

69.19     RRP proposals to reduce Dalit atrocities and improve social status of Dalits

  1. Using “Narco Test in Public after Jury Approval”, it will become possible to know if the person actually committed the atrocities. This will reduce the chances of guilty persons walking away, and threat of facing narco test in public will act as deterrence.
  2. MRCM draft will reduce mass poverty in dalits and this will reduce atrocities against dalits
  3. RTR will reduce corruption, and reduction in corruption will reduce poverty of all poor. This will further strengthen poor dalits and reduce atrocities on dalits
  4. How RTR will reduce atrocities : Many instances of atrocities on Dalits happen because judges and police chiefs sell out. E.g. Many temples deny entry to dalits, because temple owner knows that judges, police chiefs will not set traps against them and/or punish them. The RTR over judges and police chiefs will force judges, police chiefs to set traps and also punish such temple owners. This will reduce atrocities against dalits.
  5. Many person who commit atrocities on dalits walk away because of nexuses with judges. The Jury System reduces this problem, and so atrocities on dalits will reduce after Jury System is enacted.

69.20     RRP proposals to reduce Food Adulteration

  1. Right to Recall District Health Officer, judges will reduce food adulteration
  2. JurySys to punish food adulterer will reduce adulteration

69.21    RRP proposals to improve Key PSUs

  1. Right to Recall key PSU heads will corruption in those PSUs and also improve efficiency.
  2. Jury System over employees of those PSUs will also reduce corruption and improve efficiency in those PSUs.

69.22    RRP proposals to improve Telecom, TV Channels

  1. Right to Recall TRAI Chairman, Telecom Minister, Communication Minister, Doordarshan Chairman will reduce corruption in TV, cable and Telecom business
  2. Portable numbers in mobile phones
  3. Citizens can add/remove cable laying companies using procedure similar to Right to Recall
  4. Broadcasters will need to mark advertisements with digital header (meta-data) so that parents can program their DTH boxes to blank out the advertisements
  5. Citizens can blacklist a channel so that it cannot transmit anymore
  6. The DTH service provider must auction its channel space and charge same carrier fee from all channels
  7. The broadcasters will have to sell each channel individually

69.23    RRP proposals to reduce frivolous Govt Expenditure

  1. The accountant will post details of every transaction at least 7-45 days before he makes that transaction, except emergency transactions
  2. A citizen can challenge any transaction before Jurors, and Jurors can cancel the payment.

IOW, review by Jurors will reduce frivolous Govt expenses.

69.24    RRP proposals to reduce Water Wastage using Water Meters

  1. The citizens will get money from water sold from bores, rivers, ponds etc. Or instead of money, he can have free quota of water usage.
  2. All new flats (flats includes flats, bungalows, offices etc) will be required to have water meters.
  3. And for existing flats, starting with most expensive flats/bungalows first, all flats will be required to install water meter.
  4. All bores and municipal connections will have water meter.
  5. All water charges will be meter based only

This will reduce water wastage

69.25    RRP proposals for Universal Banking System

  1. Each citizen will have 11 digit National-ID (the 11th digit will be checksum).
  2. The National-ID will be also his bank account number, his passport number, his tax number and so forth.
  3. All transaction, be cheque or cash, will be tagged by this ID.

This will reduce tax evasion

69.26     Monthly Income Tax filing and reduction in limitation

  1. The proposal has benefit that a citizen will need to keep only past 24 months’ bills, invoices and balance sheet entries
  2. Fast reconciliation between balance sheets of payer and receiver companies
  3. Fast reconciliation of payments and receipts between payer and receiver.
  4. Fast reconciliation of account payable and account receivables between payer and receiver.
  5. Fast reconciliation of debt and assets between borrower and lender
  6. Monthly wealth and wealth tax returns will reconcile wealth with income

With monthly filings, the deadlines will become routine, and persons will have lesser chances to hide wealth/income and evade taxes. And honest tax payer will need to keep bills etc of only past 24 months and no more. This will reduce limitations.

69.27     RRP proposals to reduce Social Injustice

Following proposed law-draft reduce social injustice

  1. Remove interview, recruitment by written exams only
  2. Economic choice over Reservation
  3. MRCM
  4. Weaponization of commons
  5. Right to Recall District Police Chief
  6. Right to Recall judges
  7. Right to Recall District Education Officer

69.28     RRP proposals to reduce Communal Violence

The Jury Trials over all forms communal, casteism etc violence will be necessary and sufficient.

69.29     RRP proposals to ban womb renting

The West is facing problem of reduction in population because women no longer want pregnancy and lactation. So Western leaders bribes Congress, CPM, BJP etc MPs to enact womb-renting laws in jul-2004. Under this law, the courts can enforce an adoption contract made before birth. I propose to cancel this law-draft and enact another one that no one can adopt a child till he is 1 year old. This will put and end to womb-renting.

69.30     Making RTR Company Chairman easier

Many Chairman, Directors etc rob companies because shareholders don’t have easy procedures to replace company chairman, directors. I propose to amend Company Act so that procedure to replace Chairman, Director becomes easy. The procedures will be similar to RTR District Education Officer.


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