19 If you have questions for me or others on RTR …

(A detailed version of this chapter in notes #301.014 on http://facebook.com/mehtarahulc )

Download this chapter 19 : http://www.righttorecall.info/301.pdf

19.1 Why we ask questioners to read drafts and answer basic questions, before he contacts us?

In most organizations, new-comers are never asked to read drafts and answer questions, because these organizations seek donations from the new-comers !! For them, every new-comer is a revenue. Whereas we don’t take a penny of donation from anyone, not even members. And so we also do not have paid employees to cater new-comers. We all volunteers work as employees or self-employed professionals somewhere. And from our own money, we give newspaper advertisements, print pamphlets and bear all tea-coffee expenses. And for our own time, which means cutting down business or social life or whatever, we prepare drafts, advertisement materials, pamphlets, distribute pamphlets and also answer questions of volunteers and newcomers.

So it is very important for us to save time. And so we request questioners to first read the basic drafts , answer basic questions, then place the questions on facebook group, and then call us only after that.

Further, I welcome having discussion with anyone, with no conditions, but except some conditions will apply for journalists and tall-leaders who have entered politics before 15-aug-2011. A tall-leader is someone who has position of MLA or equivalent powerful status in politics even if he has no formal position. With journalists and tall-leaders, I will only have open debate in which my volunteer will video it and youtube it with no editing-cutting. The rules of debate will be (i)coin toss will decide who will speak first (ii) my adversary will speak for 20 minutes and then I will speak for 15 minutes (iii) thereafter, adversary will speak for 3 minutes and I will speak for 2 minutes, till adversary or me call for end (iv) in the end, I will speak for 5 minutes and adversary will speak for 10 minutes. And let me assure you — it will be a very hostile debate where you will be welcome to expose me, and I will leave no stone unturned to expose my adversary, be journalist or tall leader. IOW, with journalist and tall-leaders, I only want debate, and no discussion, while I am open with discussion with anyone else.

19.2 Readings before you contact me

So it is very important for me and most of us to save time. And so we request questioners to first read the basic drafts , answer basic questions on draft to convince yourself and ourselves that you did read the drafts, place the questions on facebook group, and then phone us only after that.

1. Pls download http://rahulmehta.com/301.htm and http://rahulmehta.com/301.h.htm .

2. My goal behind RTR-movement is about getting some drafts printed in the Gazette . Pls read section-1.2 to understand what is the Gazette is and how important it is

3. The most important draft is TCP given in section-1.3 . Pls read it word by word and ensure that you have understood every word of it, or pls have questions on which sentence\words were not clear to you.

4. Now if you have questions on other drafts, you are welcome. But please not that I (and most or my colleagues) believe in printing other drafts in Gazette via TCP and not via acquiring majority. So if you disagree with any draft other than TCP, pls note that the fate of the draft will be decided not by us or anyone, but by crores of citizens using TCP.

5. Finally, pls go thru section-6.6 for draft of RTR-PM and section-30.2 for draft of RTR Education Minister. The explanations are given in section-30.3 . Please also go thru chap-1 and chap-3.

6. Now if you have questions on RTR, pls post the questions on facebook group

7. If you do not get satisfactory answers, pls email me MehtaRahulC and after that, you may call me on phone.

19.3 Type of questions and answers

There are three broad types of questions

1. How will a particular problem (such as Weakening Military, Bangladeshi Infiltration, Poverty, worsening Education) etc reduce?

Answer : For each problem, we have proposed 1-5 Gazette Notification drafts. When the citizens of India manage to force or convince PM or CM to print the specific drafts in the Gazette those problems will reduce. To find the drafts wrt to your area of interest , pls search for the section-number against the subjects given Indexes on page-3 and page-5. Those drafts will reduce the problems. So my suggestion to citizens and activists who want to reduce the specific problem is that they should force or convince PM or CMs to print those specific drafts in the Gazette. Eg say some citizens want to improve Education Then law-drafts I propose is RTR-DEO given in section-30.2 , Saatya System given in section-30.5 etc.

2. How will citizens and activists force or convince PM or CM to print the drafts in the Gazette? Eg How can citizens force or convince CM to print RTR-DEO in the Gazette?

Answer : Each citizen is pretty much on his own. We suggest that citizens should first convince or force PM or CMs to print TCP in the Gazette and then using TCP citizens and activists should get these law-drafts passed. Eg Lets say some citizens want to get RTR-DEO printed in the Gazette. Then one way is to directly demand CM to print RTR-DEO in the Gazette or the second way is to force PM to print TCP in the Gazette, and then using TCP force CM to print RTR-DEO in the Gazette. I propose/suggest second way to the citizens and activists, though I will fully support first way as well.

3. How can citizens and activists force CM/PM to print TC in The Gazette?

Answer : For this citizens and activists should initiate — (i)Udham Singh Centric (ii)draft-led, (iii)activist-funded (iv)activist-guided (v)media-less — mass-movement. This will ensure that PM\CM are forced to print TCP in the Gazette. To create such mass-movement, activists should give newspaper ad, distribute pamphlets and contest elections on RTR-platform. Details of activities that activists can do to create mass-movement is given in chap-13 .

19.4 Before you call us

So before you call to get answer to your question, pls go thru 14.1 and 14.3, and if answers given there do not meet your questions, pls feel free to call any of us.

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