17 Informing activists about RTR-drafts ; saving movement from pseudo-recallists

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17.1 The most important RRP step

The most important step for me at RRP is to inform grass root workers of all political parties, NGOs, activist groups etc and request them spend at least 1 hr a week in informing other party workers and citizens about TCP draft, Right to Recall drafts, MRCM drafts and other drafts. And I request all RRP supporters to approach maximal number of party, NGO, activist members. This chapter explains why, and how, and what to do and what never to do.

17.2 Why approach political party members and members of activist group?

Consider 1000 young men of say 14-20 years of age who are committed to improve India. Then many of them would have become member of some political party or some NGO. There will be some, who don’t join any political party because they find all of them corrupt. But most would decide to make some exceptions, and join the party or NGO they think is best of India.

Thus political parties and NGOs are the best place to meet people who are willing to spend over 1 hr a week in reducing poverty, corruption. Not all people in political party will be will be willing to spend 1 hr a week to reduce poverty/corruption. But say in economically top 5 cr citizens of India, only 2% will be willing to spend 1 hr a week in reducing poverty. Then inside a political party, the number will be much higher – about 20% . Thus, an activists committed to reduce poverty will find a much more concentrated audience.

Further, when you are at social gathering or any other place where most people are from top 5 cr population of India, some 98% people are uninterested in reducing poverty/corruption. So talking about reducing poverty, corruption in that circle will be “out of place”, and many would object as they want other topics to take priority. Whereas, discussion on law-drafts that would reduce poverty, corruption has natural right to exist inside a political party meeting. So this will enable person to start discussions on MRCM draft, RTR drafts and so forth.

So political parties and NGOs offer concentrated group of committed people. And hence political party member is one of the most suitable person who might like TCP drafts, RTR drafts and MRCM drafts. So I request RTR supporters to approach maximal number of political party members, even if the party leaders have shown complete hostility against RTR.

17.3 Please never ask other party-members to leave their Parties; ask them only to add TCP, RTR law-drafts to their party’s manifesto

If you ask a person who is member/supporter of BJP, RSS, CPM, BSP, Congress or any NGOs etc to join RRP, you are also asking him to first leave and break away from BJP, RSS, CPM, BSP, Congress etc. Because one cannot be member of two parties and one cannot work for two parties at the time of election. Leaving or breaking away is a very painful choice. The affiliation with political group may seem superficial, but it is not. For a person committed to nation or community, affiliation with a political party has intense emotional bond. There are many who join political party just for money, and they will never support RTR anyway and they are not RRP’s target audience. But there are many who join a political party because they sincerely believed that that party was the best or perhaps the only hope for India and/or their community. Most must have realized that their party leaders are just a bunch of briber-seekers and are no good for nation and/or their community. But just as leaving husband is hard for a wife even if husband is a hard core wife beater, the decision of breaking away from existing political party for a committed person is very hard and painful. And breaking away from a Party is not just breaking away from party leaders, but it is also breaking away from colleagues many of whom are committed to nation. To committed persons, political party becomes as important as family. Asking them to leave their party is not just impolite, but highly offensive and should never ever be done.

In short, asking Party members to leave his Party is painful for him and non-option. But asking him to campaign for TCP draft, RTR drafts is only asking him to do something that consumes time, but causes no pain. It is an easy choice for him. And asking him to add TCP draft, RTR draft and MRCM drafts etc in their party manifesto is only difficult for him, but not painful. By asking him to ask his leaders and fellow members to add TCP drafts, RTR drafts in their party’s manifesto, we are only asking him to do something that is good for India. It is not something that would benefit RRP or Rahul Mehta in direct or even indirect remotest way. It does not do any damage to their Party, unless their Party leaders has covert deal with anti-India elitemen.

Same way, ask every NGO members to add Right to Recall in their manifesto.

So I request all RRP supporters to do and don’t the following

1. Please approach maximal number of Party members and NGO members

2. Please don’t ask them to leave their Party and join RRP

3. Please only ask them to campaign for TCP draft, RTR drafts and MRCM draft

4. Please do ask them to ask their leaders to add TCP draft, RTR drafts and MRCM draft in their party’s manifesto.

5. Please do ask them to ask their fellow party members to take steps 3-5.

17.4 Suggested points of discussion while approaching members of other parties

I propose no set format. The main item on the agenda is to read out present the clauses of the TCP, RTR and MRCM drafts. If the person is hostile to very reading of the clauses of TCP, RTR and MRCM drafts, then please approach the next person. And if the person shows interest in reading clauses of TCP, RTR and MRCM drafts, and if he wants to reduce corruption in judges, policemen, Ministers and wants to reduce poverty, he can be convinced that PM should be forced to print the TCP draft in the Gazette. Next step would be to give him list of steps suggested in chapter with title “With just 1 hour a week, YOU can help bringing RTR in India” .

17.5 Saving movement from psuedo-recallists

See section-13.7 and I will later expand this section.

17.6 RRP activities after PM\CM print TCP draft in the Gazette

Once we convince citizens to force the PM to print the TCP draft, I at RRP will submit about 100-200 affidavits using clause-I of TCP and then try to convince citizens to file YES on these affidavits using clause-2 of TCP.

Each affidavit has one proposed Gazette Notification. These GNs will enable citizens to replace officers some 40 positions at District level, some 40 positions at State level and some 40 positions at National level. There are 700 districts, 25 States, and thus this creates opportunity for citizens to replace 40*700 + 40*25 + 40 = about 30000 people at District/State/National level.

If citizens agree to register YES, and there PM\CM will not dare to oppose the proposed MRCM GN. Next, I will propose to increase number of districts from 700 to about 1200 (not increase the number of states). Thus number of replaceable officers will increase to 100,000 in India.

These procedures will ensure that anti-common officers will get kicked out of the administration, and pro-common officers will stay and more pro-common youth will join. I at RRP will put maximal candidates at every level for these posts at District/State and National levels. And I will encourage other members to do the same. Thus using democratic process, I shall try to fix senior bureaucracy, police and courts.

In addition, I will try to convince the citizens to file YES on GNs to implement Wealth Tax, Inheritance Tax, abolish GST\VAT etc. And I will ask citizens to register YES on proposal to increase the strength of policemen from 15 lakhs to 45 lakhs, increase the strength of soldiers from 12 lakhs to 45 lakhs and increase the strength of Military engineers from 100,000 to 30,00,000. The MRCM party will NOT rig the recruitment procedures, but will run a large scale coaching program to get its members recruited in police, Military and all sections of Govt so that pro-oligarchy people in Govt reduce and influence of citizens in Govt increases.

17.7 Finally, who will support RTR drafts

1. If you are interested in teaching “moral values” and “national character” to us commons or changing the attitudes of commons then RRP is NOT for you. The RRP drafts follow the axiom that we commons are no more ethical and no less ethical than Ministers, IAS, judges, elitemen and intellectuals. We commons NOT need lectures on moral values and national character. The commons only need information on what drafts needs to be printed in the Gazette to improve India.

2. If you are interested in “awakening” us commons then RRP law-drafts are NOT for you. The RRP law-drafts tacitly presume that we commons are as awake as Ministers, IAS, judges, elitemen and intellectuals.

3. A large chunk of people in top 2 cr Indians believe that commons of India lack morals, lack national character, are irrational, are sentimental (read : temperamental nutcases) and commons have bad attitudes etc. And they also believe that elitemen and intellectuals, who are honest and knights in shining armors, should be in complete charge. They love to insult us commons and take pride by saying that commons in India are cowards, void of courage, lazy, dhimmies etc. If you believe in all this anti-common pro-elite nonsense, then the RRP law-drafts are not for you.

4. People see “hidden plus points” in corruption such as it gets the work done are unlikely to RRP law-drafts

5. One of my observation has been that so called “people persons” seldom liked my RRP law-drafts. The so called “people persons” who are social, networking and those who claim to understand “human nature” and understand culture never ever like RRP draft. Heck, they hate very idea that a political party should disclose all law-drafts. They only insist that a Political Party should have only vague policy statements. Of the very few people with whom I have interacted often, the technical and accounting people and common laborers are far more likely to like RRP drafts.

6. If you are interested in reducing the poverty of commons and reducing the atrocities they face, RRP’s law-drafts are for you.

7. Pro-Military people more likely to like RRP law-drafts than anti-Military people.

8. Many see that corruption is due to nature of people of India and so no attempt should be made to cut powers of judges, IAS, IPS, Ministers but only people should be reformed. Such persons too will hate RRP law-drafts.

9. Of the very few people with whom I have interacted often, the technical and accounting people and common laborers are far more likely to like RRP drafts.

10. Most of all, there are people who believe that judges in Supreme Court and High Courts never practice nepotism. These people too will hate MRCM-Recall agenda as agenda assumes nepotism as prevalent.

11. And if your goal is to win election, or come become close friend of someone who is MP or MLA, you must never ever join MRCM-Recall Party. The Party’s basic and fundamental goal is to force CMs, PM to print the first two proposed GNs. The election contesting is only to give propaganda to these proposed GNs.

In general, 98 lakhs of the people in top 1 crore of the population will intensely hate MRCM Party and its agenda. Only 2% in top 1% of India will like RTR drafts, MRCM drafts etc. The % of people who would like will increase as wealth/income of the person decreases in general. But this short number is sufficient, if this number can be convinced not to follow their leaders’ advice on not spread information on RTR-drafts.

17.8 A short quiz

I would ask you following questions. Please answer as “fully and strongly agree” or “do not agree strongly “ as you would disclose if asked in public . IOW, assume that each and every friend, client, colleague, relative etc were to know your answers on the following questions. Then what would be your answers : “Fully and strongly agree” or “do not fully and strongly agree” ?

1. Citizens’ complaints, suggestions sent to PM should come on PM’s website for a fee

2. Citizens should be allowed to register YES/NO on suggestions people have proposed for a fee

3. Citizens should be allowed to register YES/NO on laws MPs, MLAs have passed for a fee

4. Citizens should get land rent from IIMA , JNU plot

5. Citizens should get land rent from Airport plots

6. Citizens should get land rent from Mines

7. Citizens must have procedures to replace PM

8. Over 90% of the judges would tend to favor relative lawyers

9. Every citizen should be taught law

10. The judges should be selected by written exams or elections; there should be no interviews

11. Citizens must have procedures to replace Supreme Court Chief judge

12. We must increase our Military funding using wealth tax and inheritance tax

13. I support inheritance tax over VAT and excise

14. I oppose taxes on tobacco to fund Military, Police and Courts

15. Soldiers’ salaries as of now are very low and should be at least doubled

16. India must attain parity with China in nuclear tests and nuclear weapon built up

17. Citizens’ must have procedures to replace RBI Chiefs

18. Every citizen should be taught weapon use.

19. Every citizen should be required to possess guns

20. Citizens must have procedures to replace District Police Chiefs

21. IAS, IPS, judges etc should be required to disclose their wealth on internet

22. To fund Military/Police I support wealth tax over sales tax

23. Tax exemption given to trusts should end

24. Tax exemptions give to SEZs should end.

25. 498A , DVA should be abolished

26. The intellectuals, judges etc are as unethical as commons

27. The intellectuals, judges etc are as nepotic and corruption-prone as commons

If answer to all of the 27 questions is “fully strongly agree”, then you MUST join MRCM Party as soon as you can. And if you answer above 15 questions as “fully agree”, you should read more on RRTR drafts and other parties and it is matter of time that you would agree with all 27 questions. If you answer less than 15 questions as “strongly agree”, RRP is not for you. And if you answer less than 5 questions as “fully agree”, you should learn to hate RRP and all its RTR drafts.

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