61 Reducing Naxalite problem

61.1 Causes behind Naxal problems

61.1.1        Naxalite movement between 1910-1990

Many non-80G-activists joined Communist movements from 1920-1990. They believed that establishing China or USSR style regime in India would improve lives of us commons. The poor join Communist movements not because of some China\USSR vision, but because these grassroots were socially\economically battered and these leftist activists were the only ones who cared for them back then. The Communist activists catered poor grassroots because they  believed that these grassroots will help them in bring a “revolution”. Till 1950, Communists largely believed that “Communism can be brought only by armed revolt”. But around 1950, many Communists gave up call for “Communism by armed revolt” and stated that Communism can indeed come by Parliamentary Elections along with Trade Union Movement. But many others continued with goal of armed revolt. Later, those who believed in armed revolt got the label of Naxalites.

In some parts of India, such as Gujarat, demand of land reforms i.e. taking away land from large farmers and giving it to small farmers was hijacked by Congress and accepted. And media showed Congress as progressive force. In some parts like Western Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana etc due to rapid industrialization and progress in agriculture, poverty decreased. And so Communists stopped gaining in these areas. In West Bengal Communist Party formed State Govt and implemented land reforms. But in many parts, like Bihar, Orissa, AP etc Communists Ministers/judges did nothing to increase industry or implement land reforms, and so poverty remained high, and Communist movement grew. But Ministers/judges tried suppressing it by brute police force, and some communist gave up, while some took refuge in forests and joined this Naxalite movement. So Naxalite movement went on.

61.1.2        Naxalite movement between 1990-2010

By 1990 Communist movement faced decline due to two reasons (i) The “USA model” appeared to be far superior than “USSR model” or “China model” (ii)And activists felt that by helping poor, one can reduce those specific poors’ poverty ; but when poverty of those specific few poor decreases, only a small fraction of them show interest in helping other poor !! Eg Communists in Gujarat and many parts of India helped landless labor gain plots of agricultural land. But once these landless laborer got plots, they did nothing to help activists spread movement in other parts of India nor did these new landed peasantry showed any interest in uplifting other economically\socially downtrodden. So activists, rightly or wrongly, started believing that “help a few poor, and the uplifted former-poor will enable us to help more poor” was not the way to build movement cumulatively.

So by 1990, non-80G-activists youth reduced joining Communist\Naxalite movement as hey did not see as something that will improve the lives of us commons. But supply did not go to zero for long. Many non-80G-activists still saw Communism as “least bad” option. So a handful of non-80G-activists youth do join Communist\Naxalite movement, but majority were just plain selfish elements – kind of people who join Congress.

So as of today, Aug-2011,  Naxal leadership is not at all same as it was in 1950s and 1960s. In 1960s, Naxal leaders t a gang of extortionists though a small number of them were ideologically motivated. But in big parts of India, the grassroots still joins them, as local Ministers\IAS\IPS\judges and elitemen are highly corrupt, atrocious and also throws severe social discrimination (like ban on temple entry, ban from taking water from village wells etc) on the poor, Dalits and Tribals. And these Naxal leaders do help them. So the grassroots joins Naxal groups out of sheer poverty, social discrimination and because there is no better alternative around them.

Now around 1991, the Naxals started getting massive aids and funds from Pakistan, USA and China. Pakistan has usual subversive agenda. The China and USA use Naxals to capture mineral mining areas or stop others from capturing mineral mining areas. By 2000, they started getting massive aides from Missionaries who saw them as potent tools for their subversive agenda. So now this Naxal movement is nothing but a large scale mafia of all colors and hue..

The movement can broken down by reducing poverty and social discrimination, which will ensure that

61.2 Gazette Notification drafts to reduce Naxalite Problem

1.MRCM draft (chapter 5) will reduce poverty and thus reduce Naxal problem.

2. Right to Recall District Police Commissioner draft, Right to Recall Home Minister and Right to Recall CM draft (chapter 22,6) will reduce corruption in police dept. This will also reduce police atrocities and atrocities by private criminals. So Tribals will be able to live in villages and cities without atrocities, and so more Tribals will move from forests to villages\cities and so Naxalism will further reduce .

3. Right to Recall Police Chief draft and Right to Recall HomeMinister draft will improve police force and thus enable policemen to arrest Naxal leaders.

4. Right to Recall District Supply Officer will improve Ration Card System (aka Public Distribution System) and so hunger will reduce. This too will reduce number of recruits Naxal leaders are getting.

5. Right to Recall over other Officers will reduce corruption in respective departments and this will further reduce poverty.

6. The Jury System (chapter 21) will ensure proper compensation to those who are losing lands, and this will reduce recruits Naxalites get.

7. The set of other proposed law-draft (please search for Chapter or Sub-chapter heading on “Unemployment”) reduce unemployment and this will further reduce recruits Naxalite leaders are getting

8. When each common man has weapons (please see chapter on “Weaponization of Commons”), Naxalites will not be able to harass citizens.

61.3 What can YOU do to reduce Naxalism problem

Please read chap-13 of this book http://rahulmehta.com/301.htm . It has several steps where-in you can spend 6 hours a week and help to bring TCP draft in Gazette in India. The steps involve distributing pamphlets, informing citizens on motives of leaders such as Congress MPs, BJP MPs, The Anna etc who oppose TCP draft, by giving newspaper ads and contesting elections. Once TCP gets printed in Gazette, using TCP, it will become easy for activists to get citizens’ opinion law-drafts necessary to improve ration card system. Once law-drafts such as Right to Recall District Supply Officer etc get printed in the Gazette, the ration card system will improve.

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