55 Saving IIT-JEE (or re-starting IIT-JEE)

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55.1 Layout of this chapter

The section-30.10, section-30.11 and section-30.12 of this book at http://rahulmehta.com/301htm explains why\how the MNC-owners, Missionaries, Indian elitemen, Ministers, IAS, ku-buddheejeevies etc are weakening maths\science education in CBSE and State Boards. Those sections also explain why\how they have been improving maths\science education in ICSE. This chapter explains who\why\how is weakening IIT-JEE. And the chapter explains how those who care may save IIT-JEE. And if MNC-owners do manage to kill IIT-JEE I 2013 or IIT-JEE-2014, then how those who care may manage to re-start IIT-JEE later on.

This chapter is for all those who want to improve maths\science education in schools across India, along with saving IIT-JEE. The chapter may not be useful for “save IIT-JEE only” people. Let me elaborate. During my campaign to save IIT-JEE, I did come across people who said “hell with maths\science education across India — let us focus only on saving IIT-JEE”. Of course, they said this in a politically correct way. What they would often say is “lets focus on IIT-JEE for time being and we will surely do something about maths\science education later”. Now in the world of activism, the word “later” means “next life time”. So if you insist that entire focus for now should be limited to saving IIT-JEE, and if you insist on worrying about maths\science education in rest of India “later” i.e. next life time, then I request you to read this chapter later i.e. next life time.

This chapter, is only for those who want to solve problem of worsening maths\science education across India in all schools, and also save IIT-JEE along with. After all, IIT-JEE’s biggest contribution was not that it selected 5000 best students for IITs. That is something any exam can do. JEE’s biggest contribution to India has been that JEE prompted lakhs of students to solve difficult maths\science questions and make them read and understand complex maths\science topics in depth. And thus IIT-JEE raised maths\science understanding level across lakhs of students of India — even those who did not make into IITs. My goal to save IIT-JEE is not just because IIT-JEE is a good selection exam, but because IIT-JEE creates a competitive environment and makes lakhs of students solve difficult maths\science problems and thus JEE raises maths\science level of lakhs of students across India.

55.2 Why kill maths\science education?

If there is a God, then it is maths\science level of citizens of a country. To weaken a country, sooner or later, enemy country has to weaken maths\science level in the victim country.

The maths\science education level helps society more than God can. How? A society needs weapons and strategic thinking to protect itself and needs technology and engineering to prosper. And level of maths\science education play the most important role in determining this. The level of maths education also enables citizens from saving themselves from becoming victims of fraud. More the maths education, more difficult it is to fool that person and society as whole.

So the MNC-owners want to kill Maths\Science education in India. Why? Because lower the maths\science skills, lesser will be the capability of India to manufacture weapons. And that would make India more dependent on MNCs of France, UK and USA for weapons. Also, lesser the maths\science level in India, lesser will be the capability of India to make real manufacturing goods and so dependence of India on US, UK, France etc will increase. And finally, when (China + Pakistan) attacks India, USA can take over India by arriving as guardian (just as USA as enslaved Saudi Arabia and Kuwait by arriving as guardian after USA asked Saddam Hussein to attack Kuwait). The Missionaries too have vested interested in ruining govt school education in India. Because worse the education in Govt schools, more and more poor will come towards Missionary schools.

The elitemen in India also want to ruin Govt schools and inexpensive schools so that kids of poor and middle class remain behind in education compared to their kids who will get good education in good private schools. The elitemen and ku-buddheejeevies are weakening maths\science in CBSE and State Boards, and at the same time, they are improving the levels in ICSE. The cheapest ICSE in Ahmedabad costs Rs 80,000 per year for class-I and costs rise with each class. So the elitemen and ku-buddheejeevies will send their kids to ICSE and so their maths\science levels will increase. And kids of poor and middle will go to Govt schools or cheap private schools, and their maths\science level will remain lower. Also, in 2014, Ministers have planned to allow foreign universities to set up colleges. When that happens, the Ministers will start killing IITs and good Indian Engineering colleges as well, so that parents have to send their kids to expensive foreign colleges.

55.3 How MNC\Missionaries are killing maths\science education ?

When the MNC-owners installed their puppets PVNR and MMS as PM and FinMin in 1991, they started taking steps to ruin maths\science education in India. They bribed PM, CMs, Central Education Ministers, State Education Ministers, key IAS officers and prompted them to take some steps to weaken maths\science education.

The following are the key steps taken to weaken maths\science education :

1. Reduce the syllabus of maths\science in CBSE and state boards : I gave my class-12 exams in 1986. When I saw textbooks of maths in late 1990s, I saw that that syllabus of maths\science was significantly less. The Ministers\IAS had done this to weaken the maths\science education

2. Also, difficult questions were altogether missing from the textbooks

3. The exams had become easier and easier. So students were not prompted to solve difficult questions

4. In around 2008, corrupt MMS, corrupt Kapil Sibbal and corrupt Sonia Gandhi made one more law-draft — do not to fail any students till 8th class. The corrupt BJP MPs and corrupt CPM MPs also supported this law. With the new “do not fail law”, the students would not study and teachers would not teach. After all exams do not measure just the students, but they also measure the teachers. The exams reveal how much teachers taught. Now if everyone is passed in the exam, then there is no pressing need to study hard or teach. Further, if a student didn’t learn maths\science properly in say 5th standard, his maths will remain weak almost throughout. The decision not to fail students till 8th class was to weaken their maths\science education

5. The MNC-owners invested money in Bollywood to make movies like “Three Idiots” which emphasized that parents should not force kids to learn maths\science. This is nonsense. India as a nation is weak and way behind West. To survive against West, we need a large number of scientists and engineers. And maths\science are sometimes like bitter pills — they cant be entertaining like chatting, dating, sports, going to gym, making muscles etc. Further, US has wide base – almost all get school education. In India, base is narrow – only top 20% get reasonably good primary education. So “not prompting” students to learn hard will only mean India will fail to make scientists and engineers. The movies were meant to rationalize the new weak maths\science syllabus.

6. The MNC-owners also paid mediamen to link every student suicide with exams !!!

This was nonsense. Suicides are random events — and as such – incidence of suicides are higher in brighter students than weaker students. Even Gold Medallist sometimes commit students. Suicides are due to depression, affairs, family quarrels and have nothing to do with exams. But the paid-mediamen linked every student suicides to exams so that Ministers\IAS can rationalize their corrupt act of weakening exams.

7. And as one more step, corrupt Ministers\IAS killed 10th class board exam. Board exam were good measurements of students, teachers and the school as a whole. By killing 10th class board exams, the paid Ministers\IAS ensured that students will not press hard to learn and teachers will not teach.

8. And one more step was killing IIT-JEE and also make college entrance competitive exams easy. How does killing IIT-JEE help MNC-owners? I will explain more in the next section.

55.4 How JEE improved maths\science level? How killing JEE will weaken maths\science level?

IIT-JEE is given by some 400,000 students across India. Of these, some 5000 students get selected into IITs and other colleges which use IIT-JEE as recruitment exam recruit other 5000 students. So only 10000 out of 400,000 get selected. Of the 400,000 students who give exams, about 200,000 may not be serious, but some 200,000 are very serious. These students 200,000 students a year spend 100s of hours every month in understanding maths\science and solve some of the very difficult questions. The over 200,000 students who seriously prepare for IIT-JEE will solve very problems of very difficult texts such as Trigonometry-I by S L Loney , Trigonometry-II by S L Loney , Coordinate Geometry by S L Loney, Algebra by Hall and Knight and scores of such books. No State Board exam or CBSE comes close even remotely.

If IIT-JEE were not there, they would have never tried to solve these questions, as these questions are not asked in board exams. IIT-JEE is the only exam which prompts and makes 12th class students try to solve such difficult questions.

The 190,000 students who do not get selected in IIT-JEE get admissions in some other Engineer or Science colleges, which they would have got even without IIT-JEE. But without IIT-JEE preparation, their maths\science level would have remained low. Why? Cant students be convinced to solve maths\science questions in absence of exams. All these arguments that it is possible to cultivate interests in students without creating an exams and without competitive environment is plain nonsense. The experience in industry shows that deadlines are must to finish projects. And experience in economy shows that competition is necessary to improve products. Same way, examination and competitions are necessary to make the students study. A competitive environment gives economic motive as well as prestige motive to lakhs of students to study hard and understand the concepts in-depth.

So a big contribution of IIT-JEE is it get 10,000 of the bright students into IITs. But a bigger contribution is that it motivates over 200,000 students every year across India to study maths\science hard and that makes them better engineers in future to come. If IIT-JEE is killed, then lakhs of students who are studying hard will cease to study hard and the skill-level of students in maths\science will decline.

55.5 How India’s competitive exams have increased financial burden on US elitemen

The 10th class Board exams, 12th class Board exams, IIT-JEE and various competitive exams, raised the maths\science levels in lakhs of students in India. This creates a major problem for US elitemen who did not want India to become a weapon manufacturing power and a manufacturing power. Now if the US elitemen do not give high paying jobs to these Indian youth, then these youth would have started brining changes in India and improved industries of India. So to ensure that industry and particularly weapon manufacturing industry in India do not develop at rapid pace, it had become necessary for the US elitemen to employ Indian youth with high levels of maths\science skills and keep them busy with software, finance or whatever projects necessary. This increased the financial burden on the US elitemen.

So one way to reduce this financial burden, is to reduce maths\science education level in India. So that there are lesser students trained in maths\science and so lesser people to be employed. And weakening IIT-JEE, board exams, other competitive exams are of the necessary means to reduce maths\science education level in India. IOW, one reason why US elitemen want to weaken Board exams, IIT-JEE and other competitive exams is to reduce their financial burden. And of course, the action also benefits their long term goal of keeping India weak and Christianizing it.

55.6 How Ministers are weakening IIT-JEE and how will that weaken students?

As of Apr-2012, Kapil Sibbal has worked out following plan to weaken IIT-JEE

1. Take away question setting powers from IIT professors and give it to CBSE people.

2. So questions will become easier

3. Make the new exam common for all 10,00,000 students – when exams is to select best 10000 to 20000 students, one can ask a question so difficult that 300,000 cant answer even one question. But when exam has to select 200,000 out of 10,00,000 students, such difficult questions will have no place. So over all, the new exams will have simple questions.

These steps will weaken IIT-JEE. The new name is JEE or ISEET, but name is irrelevant. And even if power to make questions remain with IIT professors, the fact that questions have to be easy enough that at least 200,000 students score well, and there should be a good spread, amongst these 200,000 rule out possibility of asking very difficult questions.

Why hasn’t mediamen opposed it? The media-men are “paid” by MNC-owners to support this step of weakening IIT-JEE. The way MNC-owners pay and control junior journalists in general is that using key paid-experts and paid-senior-editors, a “trendline” is created. The “trendline” is given to all junior journalists and all junior journalists are asked to follow the trendline. Those who do not follow the trendline are expelled. The trendline established by paid-experts and paid-senior-journalists is that “parents want burden free education” and “parents want exams to become easier”. So the junior journalists have no option but to tailor news that would favor easy exams and stop printing the proposals to make exams difficult. So the newspapers will unanimously air the view that the “parents want education to become easy” without consulting parents at all !! So using the “follow the trendline” system, almost all newspapers’ all journalists have been made to favor new easy format IIT-JEE.

The IIT-Chairmen are politically speaking too light weight and have been can be easily coerced to accept the new easy format.

Now the Minister has played a trick. It has made two bad proposals — one to weaken IIT-JEE and another is to give weightage to CBSE and State Board Exams in selection. The second proposal is prima-facie infeasible as different boards have different difficultly levels and if a scaling formula is used, it will fail as each State Board will progressively make its exams easier so that its students score more. So why has Minister Kapil Sibal added an infeasible proposal to include State Board marks?

The reason is

So once IIT-JEE stops asking difficult maths\science questions, the students will stop solving such questions and their maths\science level will go down.

55.7 How to save IIT-JEE? And how to improve maths\science levels in India’s students?

Via a PIL or via a true mass-movement (not MNC-sponsored psuedo mass movement like the Janlokpal movement) both, those want to save IIT-JEE should make PM print following text in the Gazette Notification.

1. The Education Minister can ask Website Administrator to create account for each of the IIT’s Chairman on the website of Education Minister.

2. The Chairman can create account for each IIT student, alumni, faculty and ex-faculty. The IIT students and IIT alumni may register their Yes-No on Education Minister’s proposal to change format of IIT-JEE . The Yes-No will appear on the website of Education Minister along with their name.

3. The Yes-No counts on website of Education Minister will not be a binding on Education Minister.

4. Later, the Website Administrator at Central Education Ministry will also create login accounts for all the 600-700 DEO (DEO = District Education Officers) on Education Ministry’s website.

5. The DEO will create login accounts for all Principals in the District following State Boards or CBSE or any Govt recognized board on Education Ministry’s website.

6. Each school principals will create login accounts of all students in class-XII, class-XI, class-X and class-IV and their parents on Education Ministry’s website.
7. The parents and students may register their Yes-No on the website of Education Minister
8. Later, the principals will enter the mobile numbers of the students/parents.

9. Using their mobile phones, the student/parent can send proposal number followed by space followed by YES-NO for a small charge (say 50 paise). The student/parent can change their Yes/No any day as well. The student/parent will get SMS feedback and his Yes-No will appear on Education Minister’s website with his name and last 5 digits of mobile number.

10. A student/parent can also register any proposal on website of Education Minister for a fee of Rs 20 per page and obtain serial number.

11. A student/parent can register Yes-No on any proposal registered by the student/parent.

12. Later, the Education Minister’s website’s administrator can work with banks to connect ATM with website of Education Minister so that parents and students can register Yes-No via ATM

13. The Yes-No counts on website of Education Minister will not be a binding on Education Minister.

The above website will work as feedback mechanism for parents and students to Education Minister in general. As a specific means, it will serve as way by which parents and students can register their opinion on IIT-JEE’s fate. Now those who wish to save IIT-JEE will need to convince parents\students to register NO on the Education Minister’s proposal to change i.e. weaken IIT-JEE. In addition, the website later can be extended to ALL students and all parents including those who don’t have a mobile. How? Those who do not have mobile can be given an ATM card and Education Minister’s website can be connected to ATMs. ATMs use touch screen and even illiterates can be taught how to use ATM. The above proposal.

How will above Gazette Notification save IIT-JEE?

The players who want to weaken IIT-JEE to weaken maths\science education in India are capable of bribing a Education Ministers and IAS in Education Dept at Center\State levels. But they cant bribe away crores of students. The students and parents can be shown that weakening IIT-JEE will weaken their chances of getting good jobs in international market. So parents and students will favor existing hard IIT-JEE format. The website will show that overwhelming number of students\parents

55.8 Summary

The above website will work as feedback mechanism for parents and students to Education Minister in general. As a specific means, it will serve as a way by which parents and students may register their opinion on IIT-JEE’s fate. Now those who wish to save IIT-JEE will need to convince parents\students to register NO on the Education Minister’s proposal to change i.e. weaken IIT-JEE. If that happens, then it will be possible to objectively prove (or disprove) that parents, students, IIT-alumni, IIT-faculty etc want existing format (or new format). The website will also create way to enact Right to Recall Central Education Minister in a few months and will create way for RTR over PM, CM, Supreme Court judges, High Court judges, RBI Governor and almost every senior position in the Govt.

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