54 Possible fates of India if MRCM, RTR etc Laws do not come

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54.1 Dubai-like prosperity — void of manufacturing , weapon manufacturing — is not good sign

The American and Western MNCs are keeping costs of many products low by cross-subsidizing from profits they make from crude-oil loot of Iraq and now Libya. And China is making low-cost goods as they have cheap labor and “de-facto zero-rent” land for time being. Further, China wants to give maximal technical training to its population and so keeps costs of natural resources so low, that sometimes cost of finished goods is nearly same as natural resources in it. So India is importing huge amount of finished and semi-finished goods. It is what I call as Dubai-like prosperity.
And so Dubai-like superficial prosperity in India is rising. How are we paying for these imports of crude oil and finished goods? A lot of money is coming due to investments of FII, investments of FDI, selling of land to foreign companies (FDI), export of natural resources like iron ore and export of simple services (call center, application software, medical tourism, womb renting etc) and some complex activities like engineering designs, complex software etyc. Of these, only activity which reflects skilled labor is export of complex software, engineering designs, medical services etc. As of now (nov-2011), we are not manufacturing any complex goods and weapons. We are not manufacturing even 8 bit CPU, and so we import CPU used in Electronic Voting Machines from USA !! So there is no “real” prosperity to speak of, we only have Dubai like prosperity.
Now, let re-phrase above two paragraphs again.

I divide prosperity in two types — (i)US like real prosperity and (ii)Dubai like superficial prosperity. As an analogy – consider mobile phones. How many people in India have mobile phones? Over 40 crores. But how many know how to manufacture mobile phones? Not even one !! All mobile phones in India, switches, towers, even cables etc everything is imported !! The US-like real prosperity is where people are manufacturing what they use, or are manufacturing far more complex items and importing only relatively simple items. Eg USA does import hard-disks, LCD monitors etc but manufactures more complex items like CPU. Whereas Dubai-like superficial prosperity means prosperity where citizens are importing complex products and have no real manufacturing skills. This prosperity vanishes when real war starts, because of lack of weapon manufacturing skills. And there will always a war.

54.2 Some of the disturbing trends

1. Our Military is becoming more and more dependent on West-made weapons.

2. The MPs take bribes and make whatever laws MNC-owners and Missionaries ask for. The PM, CMs, IAS, IPS, judges etc and also take bribes and do whatever bribe-givers want. The honest people have lost interest in joining IAS, IPS, judiciary and honest people are also unwilling to contest elections. And whatever a few honest people are there, they will soon retire or become dishonest or quit or get pushed in the corner.

3. Due to bribes coming from MNC-owners and Missionaries, the Ministers/IAS are killing examination system and ruining the science\maths education system. The elitemen and their pet eminent intellectuals insist that commons must not get any education in law and so law education is in shambles.

4. We the commons do not get mineral royalties and GoI plots’ rents. The elitemen are bribing MPs to make more and more regressive tax laws like service tax, VAT, GST etc and give regressive tax breaks like SEZs. So the poverty in lower strata (not in middle level) is increasing. Eg Compared to 1991, in 2007 per capita pulse consumption was 25% less and grain consumption was 10% less. And so more and poor are turning towards Naxalism and/or Christianist Missionaries or both for food, medicine, education etc. Eventually, this will lead to militancy, as it did in Nepal and worsen the strife in areas such as Orissa, parts of AP, parts of MP, parts of Chhatisgadh etc. The schemes like NREGA etc have reduced poverty to a small extent but has also worsened the situation of businesses, and these schemes are not sustainable either.

5. In addition, MPs are not adding features in National-ID system to reduce influx of Bangladeshies, and so influx of Bangladeshies is increasing. And MPs are also opposing laws necessary to expel existing Bangladeshies. If India enters into war against US or China or Pakistan, and Bangladesh decides to support our enemy, then via Bangladesh, the enemy can provide weapons to illegal Bangladeshi immigrants and this may result into total slaughter of all men in North East India. And even without war, as population of Bangladeshies increase, a demand for accession with Bangladesh may rise.

6. And to make matter worse, paid media projects fake and phony people like The Anna and Arvind Gandhi as solutions, and activists get one sided information, become their followers and end up wasting time. So solutions don’t come on the horizon.

54.3 A possible worst case outcome

If Indian Military’s dependence on Western weapons continues and keeps rising, one day USA will do an Iraq on India. Or when (China + Pakistan) attack India, USA will come as savior and then enslave India as a price for saving it. Eg USA didn’t object when Saddam asked if he can attack and annex Kuwait; and when Iraq attacked and annexed Kuwait, USA came as a savior and enslaved Iraq, Kuwait as well as Saudi Arabia. So if existing trends go on, USA will manage to enslave India either via direct Iraq like attack or via coming as a savior in war of India vs (Pakistan + China). And then USA will stop weapon manufacturing India, stop manufacturing of all complex goods, reduce science\maths education by ruining testing and pass-fail system and finally christianize the whole country. After all, that’s what USA did in several countries across world.

54.4 Arrival of Nationalist dictatorship, dominated by MNCs and later by Missionaries !!!

For past several years, more and more young activists are proposing option of appointing some strong Nationalist leader, such as Mayawati or Nitish Kumar or Narendra Modi, as dictator. There are reasonable chances that MNC-owners can create situation that will force local elitemen to install one such leader as a dictator. How can MNC-owners force local elitemen to move for a Nationalist dictator or strong PM?

The MNC-owners can motivate their men in Parliament, Supreme Court, Lokpal, Lok Ayukt and Civil Society to paralyze the industries setup by the local elitemen. This will force the local elitemen to promote some strong leader as a dictator or PM with wide emergency like powers. Once the “strong leader” become dictator or PM with wide summary powers, the MNC-owners can promote insurgencies such as Naxalism, secessionism in North East, Islamist Terrorism etc. So, like Park Chung-hee, the strong leader will have to think of the means to reduce unemployment and reduce poverty. And like Park Chung-hee, he will have several options — such as use Jury\RTR\wealth-tax etc or invite MNC-owners. If the dictator opts for Jury\RTR\wealth-tax etc, he may manage to save India. But Indian elitemen on whom he will be depending on would oppose Jury\RTR\wealth-tax.

And if the dictator (or strong PM) succumbs to the pressure of the elitemen to oppose RTR\Jury\wealth-tax etc, then he will have no option but to invite MNC-owners to setup industries and create jobs. Further, MNC-owners can threaten that if they are not allowed to take over mineral mines, buy media companies and setup industries, they will stop providing weapons and may even threaten to provide weapons to Pakistan. In such case, India will gradually go down the SoKo path. In fact, a worse path, because MNC-owners cannot and don’t need to promote maths\science education and engineering skills in crores and crores of citizens. So they will promote good maths\science education only in say some 5% of population and will convert rest into zombies. India will get converted into a giant Philippines , or worse, several Philippines warring with one another.

So it is another possibility — that a Nationalistic dictator or Nationalist PM with wide emergency-like powers may come, and he will then be left with no option but to invite MNC-owners at a large scale. And that will re-enslave India.

54.5 Hopes, as I see it

My belief is that if non-80G-activists decide to force PM to print the 3 line proposed TCP. RTR, Jury, MRCM etc drafts in the Gazette, then we can stop this trends and within six months, we can make India capture-proof by giving guns to all and make India attack-proof in 10 years by developing nuclear missiles that can reach USA. In oct-1998 I started spreading information on TCP, RTR etc. I cannot say how many non-80G-activists have been convinced that RTR etc are the only known way to save India. But number is fairly large — otherwise The Anna and Arvind Gandhi would not have been forced to pay lip service to RTR.

This is one and only hope I see against rising dominance of MNCs in India and coming ill-effects. There are many obstacles against RTR – leaders who block their activists from spreading information on RTR, leaders such as The Anna projecting MNC-pal (aka Janlokpal) as solution better than RTR-PM, RTR Supreme Court judges etc, psuedo-recallists hijacking Right to Recall movement and enabling anti-recallists to project RTR as impractical and useless. And so forth. I don’t have too much hopes, but I don’t need hopes to work.

Lets see how things turn.

54.6 What can YOU do to ensure that India doesn’t land in poor scenario?

If TCP draft comes in Gazette, then India’s chances of avoiding unfavorable scenarios reduce. So what can YOU do to bring TCP draft in the Gazette?

Please read chap-13 of this book http://rahulmehta.com/301.htm . It has several steps where-in you can spend 6 hours a week and help to bring TCP draft in Gazette in India. The steps involve distributing pamphlets, informing citizens on motives of leaders such as Congress MPs, BJP MPs, The Anna etc who oppose TCP draft, by giving newspaper ads and contesting elections. Once TCP gets printed in Gazette, using TCP, it will become easy for activists to get citizens’ opinion law-drafts such as Right to Recall PM, RTR Supreme Court Chief judges, RTR Reserve Bank Governor etc. As these drafts get printed in the Gazette, chances that India will land in unfavorable situation reduces.

About RTR

3 line law can reduce corruption and bring peoples to power

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