53 Why dictatorship or oligarchy are bad ideas

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53.1 Why I added this chapter

I came across many activists, who were believing that dictatorship would be better than democracy. To inform them that dictatorships always under-performed compared to democracies, (including most successful dictatorships of Hitler and Stalin), I added this chapter in around jan-2012

53.2 How RTR/Jury based democracy will out-perform “benevolent dictatorship”?

I would give one example from the business world.

Consider Ahmedabad city. It has population of about 50 lakhs. There are some 100,000 small/large businessmen, industrialists, traders, professionals etc, each earning anywhere from Rs 200,000 to several crores a year. Now consider a hypothetical situation. Say a super-corporate comes to Ahmedabad, hires all these 100,000 business-owners as employees and buys out all their businesses. The super-corporate offers them same salary. And also promises same raise, that they would have got when they were independent business, depending on their performance. Now please answer this question : will the level of commitment of these 100,000 “former-businessmen now employees” towards customers increase or decrease or remain same?

My answer is : commitment to customers will decrease, no matter how good the management of big company is. Why? I will explain in next paragraph. And I request you to read the question again, and also frame your answer and reason before you read next para.

Once these 100,000 independent businessmen and industrialists become employees, their focus will become “how to please the bosses to get promotions” and not “how to please customers”, as customers dont decide his growth anymore. Whereas when each of these 100,000 was a customer-dependent businessman, his focus was on “how to please customers, so that I get more customers and more business from each customer”. Now the super-owners will never find a way to judge how much value each of these employee is adding to the business and customers. And the employee has no strong reason to be creative and sees no leverage-value because he (rightly) feels that all credit of his creativity and leverage value will go to the super-boss and he will get none. So gradually, these 100,000 employees will start acting like robots and performance of overall system will worsen compared to situation where these 100,000 were dependent on customers.

In RTR\Jury vs. Dictatorship, the scenario is similar to 100,000 customer-dependent business\industry owners vs. 100,000 employees of a super-corporate. In the RTR\JurySys, each District Police Chief, each District Education, each District Level Officer, each CM, each State Education Minister to PM become directly dependent on citizens. And each one sees an equal chance of rising depending on how he serves citizens and how citizens see him. Each ones sees and knows that senior leaders can be of some help, but not sole deciding factors. In contrast, in Dictatorship, each officer will just try to make best impression before the Dictator and so he will do more for dictator. Thus citizens will get suppressed or remain unserved or both.

Further, officers, using the name of the dictator will extort privileges and favors, and also commit atrocities, and this will further malign the dictator and create widespread hatred against dictator in a section of population. Then a strong foreign power can provide weapons to this section of population and create an insurgency and destabilize the nation. There are countless examples — one of most recent one is Gaddafi of Libya. The staff of Gaddafi committed severe atrocities in the name of Gaddafi, and so a section of population started hating Gaddafi to core. When that section got weapons from USA, that section, though small in size compared to whole population, became so powerful that defeated Army of Gaddafi. Of course, air-support provided by USA’s Air Force played vital role. But one must see the fact that there was a section of Libyan population that hated Gaddafi to core. Same things happens in all dictatorships — the staff of dictator behaves so rashly and misuses name of dictator to push their actions, that a section of population becomes against the dictator. And foreigners cash in by giving weapons to that section of population.

The “RTR\Jury vs. Dictatorship “ scenario is worse than “One Super Company vs one lakh small/middle/large companies” scenario. In “One Super Company vs one lakh small/middle/large companies” scenario, the super-company-owners can take feedback from millions of the customer by keeping communication open. But dictator cant keep communication open — because many persons will constantly blame him for failures of junior/middle officers and so trade against him keep rising. So dictators may take steps to block communication, and that will make junior/middle levels officers more protected and more reckless.

So all in all, the behavior of junior/middle officials becomes poor in dictatorship, and so dictatorships perform poorly compared to recall/Jury based democracy.

53.3 Dictatorships of past 60 years at glance and Adolph Hitler

Adolph Hitler became dictator of Germany in around 1934. He got best administration practices already in place when he took over as dictator. And the best administrative methods came into existence during the democratic phase of Germany. Germany was also free from foreign influence and foreign media in 1934.. So while Hitler was very successful in improving Military, technology, reducing unemployment, reducing poverty etc — he could do so partly because he had inherited a very efficient and low-corruption administration which was also free from foreign influence. Hitler’s success does not show that dictator can convert an ill-managed and corrupt administration that too full of foreign influence (like India currently has) into an efficient, low-corrupt administration free of foreign influence. I will later explain how even Hitler had ended up being less efficient than democracies like UK, USAS and that was one reason why he lost. And Hitler’s example doesn’t show that dictator that improve administration. As best, his example shows that if a dictator comes in already efficient democracy, he can remove several inefficiencies and make regime more efficient along a few specific direction, for a few years.

I came across many non-80G-activists, who had a romanticized image of dictatorship. They truly believed that if a good leader is made a dictator may come, he will skillfully supervise all the officers. And the dictator will run the administration in the best interest of India, and as that activist imagines, and so the things will improve. Without enumerating, they believe that if a good leader is made dictator of India, then weapon manufacturing will improve, maths/science education will improve, poverty will decrease, technology will grow and crimes will reduce.

There are two important things the pro-dictatorship activists have not taken into account.

 The activists ignore the possibility that dictator may be dependent on any foreign power for weapons, funds, media support and also protection from foreign armies. Eg any person who becomes dictator in India will have to depend on USA to ensure to USA doesn’t ask Pakistan to invade India or send Kasabs. And may also have to depend on MNC-owners to setup industries.

 And as far as I think these activists never ever focused on the point that one man has only 24 hours a day, and so there is no way that dictator can supervise 1000s of officers. So the dictator would delegate the tasks to middle-level officers. And most of the officers will only try to score points in the eyes of dictator and never spend time in improving service to citizens. They will cease to be creative in improving government. This will worsen the government’s interface with citizens.

So due to dependence of dictator on foreign powers and rash approach of junior and middle level staff, the local industries will fail to grow. This will increase unemployment and also poverty. So finally the dictator will have no option but to ask MNC-owners to setup and run the industries. This will be the beginning of the end. As MNC-owners get more and more presence in economy, they will block the information in media and education needed to promote Military in the society. The MNC-owners will surely promote prosperity with technology they have, but kill weapon manufacturing industry. This will make the nation dependent on Western MNC-owners for defense. So power of MNC-owners will further rise, and later the Western MNC-owners will work towards exterminating local religions and imposing Christianity. This will be the middle part of the end. The end will be — the Western MNC-owners will finish maths\science education and may convert that country into an Africa or a Philippines.

And I also doubt if pro-dictatorship activists ever did any survey of actual dictatorships across the world across past 60 years and studied Adolph Hitler, who is one of the best example of dictatorship. The next section does a cursory glance at most dictatorships around globe in past 60 years and later section studies Hitler. The summary survey will show that there is not even one precedent of good dictatorship which did even half as good RTR/Jury based democracy.

So all in all, my goal is to convince those who wish for a benevolent dictatorship, that there is not even one good precedent nor they have any logical framework. .They are not only going for an untested design but going with an “always-failed” design with hope that minor change can make a failed system succeed. And they are abandoning RTR/Jury proposals, which has not failed even in one country in past 60 to 200 years, just because the media/textbooks do not speak about them.

53.4 A summary survey of dictatorships in past 65 years : NONE made their countries good

I call a country a “good country” if it meets following 5 important requirements :

1. it is manufacturing weapons it needs to protect itself
2. the citizens have high level of maths/science education
3. country is manufacturing high tech goods proportional to its size.
4. poverty is low
5. violent crimes and property crimes are low
and many other lesser important factors

In each case, I would compare a country along above 5 parameters with two benchmark countries – US and India. In this chapter, I will briefly compare dictatorships across globe in past 60 years with US and India on above 5 parameters.

To study the dictatorships, I would first divide dictatorships into two broad categories – communist dictatorships and non-communist dictatorships. The examples of communist dictatorships are USSR, China, North Korea, Cuba, East European Countries between 1945-1990 such as East Germany, Hungary and some terrible cases like Cambodia under Pol Pot. etc. The non-communist dictatorships are South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Burma, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Middle East countries, Turkey, most African countries, several Latin American countries. All except South Korea, Taiwan and Chile has been failure in every way — in every way they did worse than India (except that poverty was less due more per-capita resources and higher per capita transfer income in some countries).

Lets consider each case, with respect to top the five important parameters.

Communist Dictatorships

1. USSR : USSR did very good work in manufacturing weapons, improving Maths\Science education and reducing poverty. But it failed to improve technology except in Military. USSR did much worse than USA in all 5 important areas and did better than India in all 5 important areas.

2. China : China has not developed weapons even half as good as USA and has been behind in all areas than USA. China did poorly in all 5 areas compared to USA and did far better than India. But China in many areas has been less “dictatorial” than India. E.g. recruitment of judges and officers in China is heavily based on written exams and gives low emphasis on personal interview. Whereas in India, recruitment of judges heavily depend on interviews. So nepotism and dynasty-ism (judicial gharana) runs high in Indian judiciary while nepotism is low in Chinese Court and dynasty doesn’t exist at all. Also, China has started to use (weak) Jury System for many types trials. Further, China doesn’t have private land plots and thus even most powerful person of China is not as 10% powerful as most powerful person of India. So in some way, Chinese System is less dictatorial or oligarchic than India.

3. North Korea : Terrible mess. In all 5 areas it did worse than US as well as India.

4. East Germany , Hungary, East European Countries etc :They all did better than India all respect, but did worse than US in all areas. Also, these were dependent dictatorships i.e. they depended on USSR’s help to sustain themselves. And none could manufacture weapons. So on most important area, these dictatorships did poor job.

5. Cambodia : complete disaster

6. Vietnam : Did excellent job in protecting itself, but it was dependent dictatorship.

Non Communist Dictatorships

7. Pakistan : class-1 disaster.

8. South Korea : Did excellent work in all 4 areas , but miserably failed to put weapon manufacturing industries. Also the dictatorship depended on USA for economic as well as technological growth and so country came completely under US domination, and so over 40% population is now Christian.

9. Taiwan , Hong Kong : same as South Korea

10. Chile : Chile miserably failed to manufacture weapons needed to protect the country and so have become dependent on USA. Chile did better than India due to more per capita resources , but did worse than USA in ALL areas and also did worse than China in all areas.

11. African countries : Many African countries have had dictatorships and all have been disasters.

12. South American countries : Many South American countries have had dictatorships and all have been disasters, except Chile which could maintain some financial discipline. But Chile also failed to put weapon manufacturing industries.

13. Middle East countries : Many middle east countries had dictatorships for a big part of past 60 years. They had low poverty due to high per capita crude-oil income. Except that, on all other 4 parameters I mentioned, each Middle East dictatorship did poorly compared to India. And they did terrible job compared to India.

53.5 My conclusions from survey : Dependent dictatorships and Independent Dictatorships

If an activist is serious about deciding whether he wants to work for creating a dictatorship RTR\Jury based system in India, I would request him to classify dictatorships along another dimension, and study them :

1. Dependent dictatorship :

The dictator depended on western MNC-owners (or USSR or China) for funds to run his government, to setup industry to create employment, to weapons to defend the country and sometimes also to run surveillance operations inside country to retain stability. Eg Cuba has been dependent on Russia, North Korea has been dependent on China, South Korea has been dependent on West, all Middle East countries depended on West (except present day Iran which depends on China) etc. Here, whatever good or bad that dictator did was partially or wholly due good or bad decisions or limitations of the country or MNC-owners he depended on. I will give country by country examples.

2. Independent dictatorship :

The dictator did not depend on foreign powers at all for defense and operations, and whatever good or bad he did was due to his decisions or limitations. In past 60 years, I could see only two independent dictatorships – USSR and China. Before WW2, there were several examples, of which most well know was of course Adolph Hitler. I will analyze all these 3 dictatorships in brief – because they are only examples of independent dictatorships and even they have failed compared to USA.

53.6 Dependent dictatorships — How\Why they all ‘failed’

After 1945, two countries became powerful – USA and USSR. USA was far more powerful than USSR, but USSR was strong enough to deter USA on many fronts. These two countries started promoting dictatorships in as many countries as they could, because if a country under the sphere of their influence is democracy, then they will need to cater to many individuals, but if it is dictatorship, they need to cater to a few. Eg if Pakistan is democracy, then USA will need to cater/bribe 100s of MPs, Ministers, judges etc. But if Pakistan is dictatorship, USA will need to bribe/cater only one dictator. So both countries promoted dictatorship using one or another pretext.

But all these dictatorships were “dependent dictatorships”. They depended on USA or USSR for weapons needed to protect itself from external enemies as well internal insurgencies. Because of dependence on USA (or USSR), USA (or USSR) ensured that that country cannot manufacture weapons and can never become truly independent.
Why couldn’t the dictator escape from the influence of USA (or USSR)? Because USA (or USSR) micro-supervised all actions of the dictator. And many individuals who were close to dictator were in reality loyal to USA (or USSR) and not loyal to that dictator. And USA (or USSR) never allowed him to take steps needed to improve weapon manufacturing, promote Maths\Science education and promote growth in core manufacturing. So the Military and economy always remained dependent on USA (or USSR). And so the dictator could never make himself or his country independent.

USSR collapsed in 1991 because USA had better legal/political system which enabled USA to make better weapons and also create more civilian goods. So all dictatorships under USSR moved to USA and USA converted them into India-like weak democracy (no RTR, no Jury) and started ruling via oligarchy of judges, regulators and ombudsman (Lokpals). Today, USA sponsors dependent “oligarchies with election, but no RTR, no Jury” , and keeps country’s Military weak so that country has to obey USA for protection.

Examples of South Korea, Taiwan show that dependent dictatorships always fails, even in best case
My claim is that once MNC-owners i.e. USA installs dependent dictatorship or dependent oligarchy in a country, it will do following 5 things

1. MNC-owners will block the Ministers\officers from manufacturing weapons

2. MNC-owners will block Ministers\officers from providing good science/maths and law education

3. MNC-owners will block Ministers\officers for encouraging growth of core technology and manufacturing

4. MNC-owners will destroy local religions and promote Christianity

5. MNC-owners may kill local agriculture and make country dependent on West for food.

And do many more damages. Now in almost all dictatorships that USA alias MNC-owners promoted, we saw actions (1), (4) and (5) but not (2) and (3). The level of Maths\Science education in South Korea and Taiwan is very high and so engineering skills. So why did MNC-owners promoted Maths\Science education and increased Engineering skills? The main reason is — MNC-owners needed South Korea and Taiwan to give economic fight against USSR and China, and also as a back up against Japan in case Japan completely slips out USA’s control. So MNC-owners promoted maths\science education and promoted growth of Engineering Skills. This creates an illusion that dictator of SoKo\Taiwan were independent. But if dictators of SoKo/Taiwan were truly independent, they would have developed nuclear weapons and also their own weapon manufacturing industry. And would not have allowed conversions to happen at such mass scale. And they would have also managed not to depend on West for food imports. But SoKo\Taiwan have no nuclear weapons, they manufactures near-zero other weapons, some 40% population has been converted into Christianity and they have become dependent on USA for food. All this proves that these countries were “managed” by external power, did not govern themselves independently.

53.7 How best possible dependent dictatorship also fails : case of South Korea

Lets see how South Korea became dependent on MNC-owners and how MNC-owners converted SoKo into a US satellite. Those who like dictatorship must study SoKo history between 1946-now. Because India is likely to become MNC-slave in a very similar way.

In 1946, SoKo came under USA’s control and NoKo came under USSR\China’s control. USSR and China started efforts to create a communist insurgency in SoKo via NoKo. And due to high unemployment, high poverty etc many youth in SoKo were showing willingness to create a communist insurgency in SoKo. So SoKo elitemen were facing a threat of open communist revolt.

Now there are 10s of ways of reducing unemployment and poverty. One way I propose is to enact JurySys, RTR, wealth tax, inheritance tax, repeal other taxes and also enact MRCM — this will increase industrial activities, reduce poverty and also reduce unemployment. Another way is to invite MNC-owners to set up industries. The SoKo elitemen opposed RTR/Jury etc and also did not want wealth tax. To suppress the insurgency, SoKo elitemen created Park Chung-hee as dictator.

Park Chung-hee was a devout Buddhist. He stopped conversions. But the fatal option he took was that he allowed MNC-owners to come into SoKo to create industries needed to reduce unemployment and poverty. He could have created RTR/Jury and wealth tax based regime to promote industry and reduce unemployment and poverty, but he could not because of pressure of SoKo elitemen. So he invited MNC-owners into SoKo to establish industry and reduce unemployment.

The MNC-owners promoted Ministers\officers who supported weakening of state-sponsored education system. So the Govt run schools in 1960s started to rot. The rich did not bother as they could send their kids to good expensive private schools. But the poor had to turn to schools run by the Christian Missionaries. This created first step towards Christianization of SoKo.

The MNC-owners started promoting Ministers\officers who opposed weapon manufacturing in SoKo. And they pushed aside Ministers\officers who supported weapon manufacturing. So while SoKo could make best consumer goods, it did not make weapons to defend itself. This alone proves that someone from outside was taking decisions on what to make and what not to make. And SoKo became dependent on USA for its defenses.

Much later, MNC-owners started a recruitment policy inside company which preferred Christians for senior positions. This further increased Christianization of SoKo. Finally, Park Chung-hee woke up, but now it was too late. Too many of his men were now loyal to MNC-owners. Park Chung-hee was assassinated in 1979 by one of his own key men.
Today, in SoKo, over 40% of population is Christian. And of rest 70%, some 40% are scared of calling themselves Buddhists and so they call themselves non-denominational. Only 30% are Buddhists. In administration, almost all top positions are held by Christians only. Eg in existing Ministry, the President is Christian, and some 11 out of his 14 Ministers are Christians. Most CEOs etc are also Christian. As the trend goes, within 10-15 years, Buddhism will get exterminated in SoKo.

This is what happens when activists opt for “good dictatorship”.

Now one may wonder — in such case what is so wrong with MNC-led dictatorship? What’s wrong if country becomes a Christian country from a Buddhist country? After all, MNC-led dictatorship did improve Maths\Science education, and increased prosperity? Well, the Maths\Science education and engineering increased because MNC-owners needed SoKo to deal against NoKo, China etc. And so they promoted maths\science education and engineering skills. But the day the MNC-owners are done with NoKo, China etc, the MNC-owners will cut down maths\science education and engineering skills, and convert the country into some African country or Philippines. The external control does good only as long as external entities who are in-charge want that good to continue.

53.8 Example of Hitler

Hitler was indeed successful in many ways. He improved Military, reduced poverty, reduced unemployment in males (increased unemployment in females), ensured that foreign influence inside country was zero and did significant improvements in Maths\Science education and technological growth. Hitler was the second leader in world who promoted free universal education to all (first was Stalin) at a mass sale and was second leader to ensure that every talented young man gets college education, no matter how poor he is.

But his example does NOT prove (or disprove) that dictatorship can create an administration that would convert an ill administration into a good administration. Because Hitler got the most efficient administration and least corrupt administration in the world, when he rose to power. He did not create that administration — he surely improved it. Much of the administration and its capabilities came into existence during the democratic era of Germany. Further, even when Hitler came to power, the foreign influence inside Germany administration was nearly nil.

And even though Hitler did reasonably well, he under-performed compared to USA, a democracy. The biggest failure of Germany was that they chose mass extermination of Jews, Polish, Lithuanians, Latvians, Russians etc and that made all these people friends British and Americans, which strengthened British and Americans, and led to defeat of Germany. Please compare the behavior of German troops with behavior of British\American troops before and during WW1 as well as WW2. Where ever British and US troops went, they captured the territory, killed or arrested the hostile elite and commons, but seldom killed or tortured those who didn’t oppose. And later, British and USA would try to create an amicable setup for commons. Instead, German troops unleashed massacre of even non-opposing Jews, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanians, Russians et many places, there-by creating more enemies and making them walk to USA\UK. eg because Hitler’s decision to exterminate Jews, all Jewish scientists went to USA and started improving weapons of USA, and later even enabled USA to atom bomb. If Germans had not taken this policy of mass-extermination, many Jews, Polish, Lithuanians, etc would have remained neutral or even sided with Germany. This wrong policy of promoting extermination was result of lack of democracy in German polity. Because many German politicians as well as Military officers realized as early as 1940 that mass killings are only helping UK, USA and Russia and not helping Germany at all. But due to undemocratic setup, they could not dare to take their views up, and so a damaging policy continued.

The example of Hitler and continuation of his wrong policy of mass extermination shows how even best dictatorship do very poorly in correcting wrong decisions, even when wrong decisions are causing immense damage and benefiting enemies.
So all in all, Hitler got best administration in world when he started, and so example of Hitler gives no hopes to India, where administration is rotten to core, and needs to be improved. And example of Hitler proves that wrong decisions, no matter how wrong and fatal they may be, go on and on in dictatorship and quick correction doesn’t happen. So in India, where foreign influence is deep inside administration, this will only further worsen the situation.

53.9 A possible fate of India, if activists keep opting for dictatorship

(I am writing this paragraph as on Jan-2012)

For past several years, more and more young activists are proposing option of appointing some strong leader, such as Narendra Modi or Mayawati or Nitish Kumar, as dictator. There are reasonable chances that MNC-owners can create situation that will force local elitemen to install one such leader as a dictator. The MNC-owners can motivate their men in Supreme Court, Lokpal, Lok Ayukt and Civil Society to paralyze the industries setup by the local elitemen and promote their own industries, which will force the local elitemen to promote some “strong leader” as a dictator or PM with wide emergency powers. Once the “strong leader” become dictator or PM with wide summary powers, the MNC-owners can promote insurgencies such as Naxalism, secessionism in North East, Islamist Terrorism etc. Again, like Park Chung-hee, the dictator will have to think of the means to reduce unemployment and reduce poverty.

And like Park Chung-hee, he will have several options — such as use Jury\RTR\wealth-tax etc or invite MNC-owners. If the dictator opts for Jury\RTR\wealth-tax etc, he may manage to save India. But Indian elitemen would oppose Jury\RTR\wealth-tax and if the dictator (or strong PM) succumbs to the pressure of the elitemen, then he will have no option but to invite MNC-owners to setup industries and create jobs. In such case, India will gradually go down the SoKo path. In fact, a worse path, because MNC-owners cannot and don’t need to promote maths\science education and engineering skills in crores and crores of citizens. So they will promote good maths\science education only in say some 5% of population and will convert rest into zombies. India will get converted into a giant Philippines , or better several Philippines warring with one another.

53.10 Conclusion

Several activists of present day (Jan-2012) India still vie for dictatorship. Partly, because they think that ailment is due to democracy. Well, it is due to lack of democracy in courts and administration (i.e. lack of JurySys and RTR). And they have not done any survey of dictatorships nor studied internals. I request pro-RTR, pro-Jury activists to print newspaper advertisements and print pamphlets explaining plus points of RTR\Jury and minus points of dictatorships.

53.11 How can YOU stop India from becoming a dictatorship?

Due to corruption and chaos, the hardships in the lives of a large section of population is increasing. To that, Ministers etc who are agents of MNCs are making laws that make it impossible for local elitemen to function. Eg Land Bill which is being proposed (around aug-2012) will make it impossible for industry to acquire land. And the MNCs will grow because they have high level contacts in Supreme Court lawyers and will sail thru. So local elitemen are also pushing for a regime to overthrow existing regime.

These elitemen and their sponsored leaders will not manage to get 40% votes needed to form Govt. Further, if EVMs are manipulated, then even if they have 40% votes, using EVM manipulation, CIA can block from getting majority in Loksabha. So the political groups sponsored by local elitemen will not get majority in Parliament. But the political groups sponsored by local elitemen does have support of angry and restless youth, which can be used to push for a dictatorship of a strong leader with strong no-nonsense image.

How can anti-dictator people stop dictatorship?

Not by preaching sermons of democracy or raising alarms against dictatorships. But by printing law-drafts in The Gazette which will improve regime so that demand for dictatorship reduces. How? What law-drafts?

Please read chap-13 of this book http://rahulmehta.com/301.htm . It has several steps where-in you can spend 6 hours a week and help to bring TCP draft in Gazette in India. The steps involve distributing pamphlets, informing citizens on motives of leaders such as Congress MPs, BJP MPs, The Anna etc who oppose TCP draft, by giving newspaper ads and contesting elections. Once TCP gets printed in Gazette, using TCP, it will become easy for activists to get citizens’ opinion law-drafts such as Right to Recall PM, RTR Supreme Court Chief judges, RTR Reserve Bank Governor, Jury System etc. With TCP, RTR, Jury etc drafts in Gazette, the system will improve to a point that citizens will not longer vie for dictatorship.

53.12 How can YOU ensure that if India becomes dictatorship, then dictator doesn’t sell-out?

If are you are pro-dictator, then today you have time and opportunity to get some drafts printed in the Gazette that would ensure that the new dictator does not sell out to foreigners or suppressed by foreigners. And if that happens, citizens can expel\replace that dictator rapidly. And that dictator’s juniors do not become reckless and if they become reckless, then dictator can know very soon and fix the problem. If you wait till dictator ship comes, then it will be more difficult to get these drafts printed in the Gazette.

Which drafts can reduce the chances of the dictator getting sold out to foreigners or getting suppressed by foreigners? One is Right to Recall PM (see section-6.6). And which draft can reduce possibility of junior staff from becoming reckless? That draft is TCP (see section-1.3) , Jury System over Policemen ( see section-22.5) . and Jury System over Govt employees (see chap-28). TCP will create a mechanism by which dictator can know citizens’ opinions on ASAP basis. So if the junior/middle staff is going reckless, the dictator can immediately fix it.

So drafts such TCP, RTR-PM, JurySys over junior/middle staff will ensure hat dictatorship doesn’t get hijacked by USA (eg Pakistan) ir junior/middle staff doesn’t become reckless. Pro-dictatorship people should try to get these drafts printed in the Gazette ASAP.

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