52 If elitemen use violence : The Udham Singh Non-Violent Method

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52.1 The Udham Singh method — what Recallists can do if elitemen use violence on Recallists

If elitemen decide to throw Dictatorship on India or use rampant violence and physical harassment on Recallists otherwise, and physically exterminate or imprison us Recallists, then what option do we Recallists have?

If all the Recallists get exterminated or give up, then it will be the end of the Neo-Recallist movement. But lets say a few Recallists survive and do decide to act. Then many Recallist will be needed to dethrone such a violent regime? I dismiss this as non-question. The question I will answer is — whose method will require least number of activists and sacrifice to deal with a violent regime? The method I suggest is — they should adopt the non-violent method adopted by Ahimsamurti Mahatma Udham Singh. What was his method?

1. Most important part is that the Udham must work alone and should not ever form an organization, not even form a team and not even form a team two. If one reads history, he will notice that Mahatma Bhagat Singh lost because of some Vibhishans in his group. And no one can build a Lanka which doesn’t have Vibhishan. If all the good people in Hindustan Socialist Revolution Party were working solo, they would have been more effective against criminals like Sanders, Lord Irving etc and could have given inspiration to many more and could have created deeper threats inside British. But because they formed a group, and there will always be a Vibhishan in the group, they all got caught and killed, and they could execute just one criminal namely Sanders. So last mistake an Udham should do is to form a group. Because 1 out of 10 people in such group will be a Vibhishan, and would lead to arrest or death of rest 9.

2. Each Udham should work alone, and randomly pick a senior Indian economic elitemen. The pick MUST not be based media perception, but actual process of decision making in India’s top administration. Amongst economic elitemen, he must not touch those who are working via labor like doctors or engineers or those who are in cut-throat competitive business, but pick the ones who have illegitimate and illegal oligopolies or monopolies on natural resources or licenses or SEZ. Or some political eliteman who is equivalent to Governor Dwyer. Please Google on Dwyer (different from Brigadier Dyer)

3. An Udham should “communicate” with these Dwyer in small or large numbers. The larger the number, better. And higher the position, better. But also take into communication with persons at very high positions may not be possible at all. So given the possibility, one may need to communicate with a smaller Dwyer, but pls do not choose some small Constable level or PI person to communicate with.

4. The Udham should “non-violently” act on these Dwyers. Pls note that Udham must not use any violence as used by elitemen of India, but Udham must follow the non-violent path shown by Mahatma Udham Singh.

Whether an Udham works alone or work in a group, he will die anyway. But if Udhams decide to work in group of say 10 or 50 Udhams, and if even one member in his group is a Vibhishan, all Udhams will die without dealing with even one Dwyer. Whereas if these 10 to 50 Udhams work solo, it is guaranteed that each will manage to deal with at least one to ten Dwyers before he dies. So expected number of dealings are higher if the Udhams work in solo than in group.

If in first year, if 10 Udhams show up, many would be inspired and follow his footsteps.
The threads of Udhams will break the morale of all the Dwyers in economic and political elite and they will reduce violence. I don’t need to elaborate any further. Any intelligent reader would understand what I have written.

52.2 Why Udham Singh method are not known to activists?

The paid textbook writers and paid mediamen have ensured that Ahmisamurti Udham Singh remain an unknown person. The paid textbook writers never encouraged students to think of a method

52.3 What can YOU do to ensure that Udham Singhs are not needed

Please read chap-13 of this book http://rahulmehta.com/301.htm . It has several steps where-in you can spend 6 hours a week and help to bring TCP draft in Gazette in India. The steps involve distributing pamphlets, informing citizens on motives of leaders such as Congress MPs, BJP MPs, The Anna etc who oppose TCP draft, by giving newspaper ads and contesting elections.
More the number of activists who demand TCP, lesser will be the chances of elitemen resorting to dictatorship. And lesser will be the need for a true-activist to become a Mahatma Udham Singh. So if you wish to reduce the possibility of person of becoming Udham Singh, IMO, you should inform as many people about TCP as possible.


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