47 Reducing conversions, without force or legal force

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47.1 Strengthening Weapon manufacturing and Military – The must step to reduce conversion

Many of those who wish to stop conversions give a simple solution — enact a law-draft to ban conversion and imprison the priests etc who are trying to convert people. Well, the approach “just make the law” or “just use the police” will fail

1. if and when US Army itself lands into India
2. if leaders are discouraging weapon manufacturing and so Indian Military is dependent on MNC-owners to provide weapons to defend India from Pakistan\China.
3. if leaders are creating economy if dependent on MNC-owners.

I will elaborate each point.

1. When US Military land in India :
Many countries such as Iraq etc could stop conversion from Islam to Christianity by banning it by law-draft or through policies and using police to imprison those who were trying to convert people. And the approach ended when US Military took over Iraq. After US Military took over Iraq, it converted about 15% of population into Christianity via various indirect means. So if the administrative setups activists and their leaders are creating bans on conversion, but it is not promoting large scale quality weapon manufacturing, then sooner or later, US Military will arrive and then conversions will start at large scale. And if activists are promoting administrative structure that promotes weapon manufacturing, then perhaps laws to ban conversion may not be needed at all – conversion may end without any laws. Because an administrative structure that promotes local weapon manufacturing will also promotes economic upliftment, improves court, increases science\maths education and so reduces faith in all religious beliefs and promotes mild atheism. This reduces conversions automatically.

2. Indian Military becomes dependent on USA for weapons :
Next, lets say US Military never comes. But if activists opt for an administrative setup that discourages small “unconnected” industrialist and thus discourages weapon manufacturing, then Indian Military will become dependent on MNC-owners for weapons to defend itself from China\Pakistan. So MNC-owners will tell the leaders “promote pro-conversion laws and policies, or else we will block the supply of weapons and spare-parts”, and the leaders will have to promote pro-conversion laws and policies. The MNC-owned media will continue to promote leaders as string leaders, but in reality these leaders would have no option but to promote laws and policies that promote conversions

3. Indian economy becomes dependent on MNCs :
Further, if activists promote administrative setup that doesn’t promote small\large industrialists, then industries will fall back, and will create a vacuum wherein MNC-owners will get in. And as more and more mineral mines and manufacturing companies come under MNC-owners, they will increase domination in policy-making. This too will lead to policies that will promote conversions

So if the activists insist on a setup that discourages weapon manufacturing and technology growth, then sooner or later, the western-MNC-owners’ domination via Military or via weapon-sales of via establishment of factories will increase and this will lead to conversions. Conversely, if activists wish to reduce conversions, then mere law-making, banning, sloganeering etc wont do much good. It is necessary that activists force PM\CMs to print Gazette Notification drafts that will reduce unfairness on local small\large industrialists and promote weapon manufacturing.

47.2 How bad Gazette Notification drafts in education increase conversions

If the activists do not focus on Gazette Notification drafts necessary to improve education, it is likely that due to pressure of foreigners, the Ministers and IAS will print drafts that create an education system that makes good Maths\Science education very expensive. So while upper class will not even notice, but the lower class will become restless. At this point, the Missionaries will step in and provide reasonably good quality education to the poor and this will promote conversion. Eg today in India, the Ministers have made questions papers in exams easy, have ordered teachers not to fail students and are also eliminating 10th class board exams. This will worsen the quality of education. Further, recently, around Feb-10-2012, Ministers abolished IIT-JEE and this will reduce the time 8th class to 12th class students were spending in studying Maths\Science and will reduce So as Govt schools’ standard worsen, the poor may start sending their kids to Missionary run schools en-masse.

And MNC-owners may deliberately force\manipulate IAS\Ministers to print drafts that will worsen Maths\Science education in the Govt schools so that Missionaries schools get more\better students. This approach has been tried and worked successfully in South Korea, and is also being implemented in India as I write this book.
The solution is that activists should ensure that drafts like RTR DEO, RTR Education Minister etc are printed in the Gazette and there are other necessary drafts that improve the Maths\Science education.

47.3 How bad Gazette Notification drafts in Health and medicine increase conversions

Because of bribes given by MNC-owners to MPs, the MPs in 1998 and later in 2004 made laws which strengthened parent laws on medicine in India. Later, the MNC-owners also bribes IAS\Ministers to enact laws that will make it difficult for small pharmaceutical companies to work cost effectively. So the prices of many medicine shot up by several times since 1996. Again, the rich wont even notice. But the poor had nom option but to turn to Missionaries.

So solution is that activists should force PM\CM to print a Gazette Notification canceling patent laws of 1998 and 2004, and restore the patent laws of 1972. And in addition, health care should be subsidized.

47.4 RRP proposals to reduce conversions

My suggestion to activists is that they should convince PM to print TCP draft in the Gazette. Once TCP is printed in Gazette, it will become possible to collect citizens’ opinion on the following proposed Gazette Notification drafts, and take following steps :-

1. Print MRCM draft in Gazette : Once MRCM-draft (see chap-5 of this book http://rahulmehta.com/301.htm ) is printed in Gazette, citizens will directly get mineral royalties and land rent from GoI plots into their own accounts. This will reduce poverty and this will reduce conversions.

2. Print Right to Recall District Education Officer and RTR Education Minister in Gazette : This will improve education in Govt schools and so people will have lesser reasons to send their kids to Missionary schools, and thus conversion will reduce

3. Print Gazette Notification repealing patent laws over medicine : this will bring the costs of medicine and will further reduce conversions

4. Print Gazette Notifications that will improve Military : There is a long list of Gazette Notifications needed to improve Military and weapon manufacturing in India – they are described in chap-24 . Some of them are – enact wealth tax, enact inheritance tax, improve courts so that small\large industrialists face less unfairness, RTR District Education Officer, RTR Education Minister, introduce weapon education as subject and so forth.

5. Print Gazette notifications that would reduce unfairness in courts, police : Unfairness in police and courts is the biggest reason that makes a person drive himself away from society and can even make him hate his society and his religion. When there is rampant unfairness in courts and police, it becomes easy for Missionaries to convince the victims and also those who care that the reason for unfairness is religion and prompt them for conversion.

6. Right to Recall Police Chief , Right to Recall judges : Many instances of atrocities on Dalits happen because of lack of RTR over Police Chief and lack of RTR over judges. eg Some 6 years back, the head trustee of a famous temple in Orissa openly told on TV that they will not allow Dalits to enter temple. But the High Court judges did not imprison him and did not even send him any notice. If people had RTR High Court judges, then High Court judges would have immediately sent summons, and threatened him with prison sentence, in which case the temple trustee would have immediately apologized. But since citizens don’t have RTR judges, the High Court judge took no action and as a result some 500 dalits announced that they would convert. All in all, cases of atrocities and insults happen because judges look aside, and they would happen less if judges take prompt actions. And RTR judges (and JurySys) are the only way to ensure that courts take fast/fair actions.

47.5 The steps that will fail to reduce conversion

Lakhs of activists, such as RSS activists, VHP activists, Bajrang Dal activists etc want conversions to reduce without violence or force. Sadly they are working under several activist leaders, who are asking these committed activists to spend (waste) their time on actions which will not reduce conversions. Some of these activist leaders are RSS leaders, VHP leaders, Bajrang Dal leaders etc.

IOW, RSS workers, VHP workers etc are truly committed and want to reduce conversion without force. But their leaders in RSS\VHP have nefarious agenda, and so they are wasting away the workers’ time. Following are the useless things they do and useful things they refuse to do

1. The leaders ask their activists not to spend any time in understanding in law-drafts and Gazette-drafts. They insist that workers should only spend time in charity or rallying, but never spend time in understanding law-drafts

2. The leaders also ask activists not to show any interest at all in Gazette drafts needed to reduce unfairness in courts and unfairness in police. So the unfairness in court/police and resulting insults/atrocities go on and keeps the poor pushing away from Hinduism. Further, poverty and poor education in Govt schools

3. The leaders also ask activists not to show any interest at all in Gazette drafts needed improve education in Govt schools. So govt schools remain badly managed and so the poor are promoted to send their kids to Missionary schools.

4. The leaders also ask activists not to show any interest at all in Gazette drafts needed reduce health care costs at Govt Hospitals and improve the reach of Govt Health care depts. So health care remains in bad share and so the poor are promoted to take services from Missionaries.

5. The leaders also ask activists not to show any interest at all in Gazette drafts needed to improve Military and weapon manufacturing. So this leaves India vulnerable to takeover from US Military which will end up into en-masse conversions.

6. The leaders ask their activists to demand laws to ban conversion. These laws will not help even a bit — because conversion is after all by minds and hearts and can be done privately. For 100s of years, Romans had banned Christianity and used to execute Christian on sight. Despite this, Christianity could grow secretly to a point that as high as 20% of population became Christian, and after that the local Governors were forced to abandon the laws to ban Christianity. Also, legal ban will help only till US Military arrives. And unless activists take steps to strengthen Indian Military and Weapon Manufacturing, nothing will stop US Military from arriving.

7. And when elections come, the leaders ask activists to do nothing except campaign for BJP, and BJP leaders come into power and do nothing but collect bribes. Since the activists have no background knowledge of Gazette Notification drafts, they cant even think of asking for drafts, and so problems remaining unsolved.

All in all the leaders are doing nothing but waste away time of activists and thus block good drafts from coming into Gazette. And so the problem of conversion goes on and on.

47.6 How arrival of Hinduvadi dictatorship will speed up conversion

Many activists think that best way to reduce conversion is to install a Hinduvadi dictatorship. I request them to study South Korea under Park Chung-hee. Chung-hee was a devout Buddhist who became dictator of South Korea in 1962. He discouraged conversions as far as possible using all means. But during his time, Church grew massively. In 1962, Christians were below 5% of SoKo population and by 1980, they were above 20% and today they are above 40%. How could it happen, right under the nose of Buddhist dictator?

Because when activists start supporting a dictator, the dictators’ staff becomes powerful and ruthless. And the dictator fails to even know the wrong doings of their staff, forget correct the wrongs. Gradually, large industrialists and MNC-owners and so the small industrialists get extreme unfair treatment from administration. So small industrialist fail to improve goods and so technological level of nation worsens. So the dictator is left with no option but to invite MNC-owners en-masse. And gradually, MNC-owners create education policy that would worsen maths\science education in Govt schools and this will push the poor towards schools run by Missionary. So after 10-20 years, the students of Missionary schools will have better maths\science education so they will get better positions in economy, administration etc.

So if activists start supporting a Hindu dictatorship, then same things will repeat. The dictator due to pressure of local elitemen will NOT be able to take steps to improve education (such as RTR DEO, RTR Education Minister etc). The dictator will also fail to impose wealth tax, inheritance tax etc needed to bring down land price, increase employment and reduce poverty. The elitemen will also force the dictator to reduce funds to education, health etc. These policies will create massive unrest and unemployment, which will force the Hinduvaadi dictator to invite MNC-owners to start industries. The MNC-owners will gain power to influence people inside India and using this power they will drafts printed in Gazette which will worsen maths\science education and health-care in Govt Hospitals. This will prompt the poor to go to Missionaries for education and health, and thus convert them gradually. So superficially, official conversions will reduce. But the influence of Missionaries will increase and so later both, official as well as unofficial conversions will increase.
So if the Hinduvaadi activists fall for the illusion, that Hinduvaadi dictator can reduce conversions, then that may be beginning of the end of Hinduism in India.

47.7 The plus points of Missionaries and MNC-owners

So if the Hinduvaadi activists fall for the illusion, that Hinduvaadi dictator can reduce conversions, then that may be beginning of the end of Hinduism in India.

As Far As I Think, Christianity does not have any plus points over Hinduism. But due to better drafts in the Gazette of countries such as USA, UK, Australia etc, the unfairness in their courts\police is far less. And so people are more productive i.e. in lesser amount of time. So they have produced more and better luxurious goods as well as weapons. So they are able to defeat and overpower leaders of other countries and plant their agents in the judiciary, IAS, IPS and Ministers of weaker countries. And wherever MNC-owners go, they assist Missionaries defeat other religions and gain converts.

Why do MNC-owners assist Missionaries? Because MNC-owners need help from USA Military, and US Military gets recruits via Churches. Churches are the biggest recruiters in USA Military i.e. Churches motivate US youth to join Military. So MNC-owners have to cater the demands of Missionaries, as Missionaries are favoring them indirectly.

To break the menace in long run, we must improve courts\police etc so that unfairness in India’s courts\police, so that our growth also improves.

47.8 Summary

It is possible to reduce conversions without force, but I see no shortcuts. IMO, the activists will have to take interest in forcing PM\CMs in printing Gazette Notification drafts to reduce problems which is increasing conversion rate. Shortcuts like make a law-draft to ban conversion, or imprison those who converts or tries to convert or install a dictator who will stop conversions are all going to backfire. The adversary, namely MNC-owners and Missionaries are too powerful and also productive when it comes to running factories, hospitals and schools. Their higher productivity is due to drafts in their Gazette. And the only solution is that we must print better drafts in our Gazette. There are no shortcuts.

47.9 What can YOU do to deal with possibility of two-front war

Please read chap-13 of this book http://rahulmehta.com/301.htm . It has several steps where-in you can spend 6 hours a week and help to bring TCP draft in Gazette in India. The steps involve distributing pamphlets, informing citizens on motives of leaders such as Congress MPs, BJP MPs, The Anna etc who oppose TCP draft, by giving newspaper ads and contesting elections. Once TCP gets printed in Gazette, using TCP, it will become easy for activists to get citizens’ opinion law-drafts necessary to reduce conversion without use of force or legal force. Once explicit public opinion is proved, it will be easy for citizens to convince PM to print these drafts in the Gazette, and thus reduce conversions.

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