46 Two front war — Weaponization of commons is only way left

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46.1 How/Why Pakistan and Imperial China may unite against India?

To begin with, I would request the reader to use his intense discretion. Predicting war or non-war is prone to too much inaccuracy. Eg many predicted WW-3 between Russia and USA, and it never happened. And none predicted US-Iraq wars and none predicted US-Libya wars and they happened. So none can predict how and when India-China War will happen, if at all that happens. And none can predict if Pakistan + Saudi Arabia + China + Bangladesh will do a combined assault on India or not,, and if they do, when/why and how. All this prediction business is useless – no one can be right even if he is lucky that he got it right.. Nevertheless, there are reasons why we may face a war against (China + Pakistan + Bangladesh + Saudi Arabia) and following are the factors that may lead to such a war.

Factor-1 : Reaction against oil loot and Christianization unleashed by Americans

The Imperial Americans, with goal of capturing oil wells and Christianizing the whole world, have captured Iraq and now captured Libya. Iraq as of now (dec-2011) over 15% Christian due to systematic conversion methods employed by the US Army, US Missionaries and duely approved by citizens of America. Due to this rapid Christianization, a revolt is brewing in Saudi Arabia against the King, because the King is still supporting the Americans. The Saud Princes are becoming more and more unpopular to the extent that many in Saudi Arabia now believe that the Saud Princes have secretly accepted Christianity and are working with Americans in destroying Islam across Middle East and whole world. All in all, a revolt is brewing in Saudi Arabia.

If revolt in Saudi Arabia happens, it may be beginning of the end for India as we know. How?

The new regime in Saudi Arabia will be Islamists and will be under threat from USA. It will need soldiers and weapons to thwart the threat. Now Saudi Arabia has a lot of oil and wealth, but has no soldiers and no weapons. Pakistan has soldiers to spare but Pakistan has no weapons, and Pakistan has no money to buy weapons. Imperial China has weapons, but Imperial China can`t afford to give weapons for free. So (China + Pakistan + Arabia) make a mutually dependent combination – each has something with other two dont and each one needs something that other two can provide. So if a revolt happens in Saudi Arabia, then Saudi Arabia may give money to Pakistan to get soldiers and give money to China to buy weapons. Pakistan will use the money to buy weapons for China. And China has nothing to lose.

Factor-2 : Iran

Another factor is Iran. After devouring Iraq and Libya, USA now wants to destroy Iran and obtain all its oil wells. Imperial China had made 100s of billions of dollars of investment in Libya and USA destroyed or captured all of it. Now investment of Imperial China in Iran is threatened. So China has no option but to provide weapons to Iran. Iran has deep animosity with Saudi Arabia as well as Pakistan. But given that USA is all committed to loot oil or Iran and Christianize Iran, Iran may have to join Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. This will further damage India.

Factor-3 : USA benefits if Pakistan + Bangladesh + China attack India

Now if Pakistan attacks India, Imperial USA stands to gain, as India will then have import weapons from USA (or UK or France) and dependence on weapons and parts will ensure that India becomes a slave of USA. And then USA can use Indian soldiers as camels to destroy Imperial China. Even though Imperial China knows that Indo-Pakistan war will make India a slave of USA and will hurt China, China cant refuse weapons’ sale to Pakistan and Iran. And China has no way to stop Pakistan from attacking India. Besides, China does see a benefit in destroying India.

The End Goals of Imperial USA and Imperial China

The end goal of Imperial China is to divide India into several parts, each one at constant war with others so that China can devour minerals of India peacefully. The end goal of Imperial USA is same plus it wants to Christianize India (same as East India Company of 1750s).

46.2 Options for citizens of India? — give guns to all

The wealthy Indian citizens can flee out of India. Most wealth Indian citizens have a house in US or Australia or New Zealand or UK or Canada etc and have investments there. They can easily flee to those countries and live happily ever after. Those who think are unable to flee or have ego problems against fleeing will have to think about other options.

So what options do we, i.e. those who cant flee to US, have?

To fight these wars, we will need weapons. As I mentioned in earlier topics in this book, we can either manufacture weapons or import weapons from US. If we import from weapons from US (or West), then eventually USA will use dependence on weapons to gain control inside polity, and wreck Math\Science education and make us more dependent on US for manufacturing of everything.

If we decide not to import weapons, then what options do we have?

The only option, I could think of is – manufacturing guns and giving guns to all citizens of India. Please note that this is only option that I could think. There may be people who claim to have far better option. I can compare their options with mine after they write the options they propose.

The reason why I say give guns to all is because guns and bullets is something we can manufacture in India. And we cant manufacture complex weapons like tanks, fighter planes etc in a short span of few years. If all citizens have guns, they can stop the invading armies and guns will be so distributed that foreign Air Force can only destroy a small fraction of it no matter how many bombs they throw. So the solution I propose to two-front war to fully de-license gun manufacturing and ownership and promote gun owning as far as possible.

46.3 What can YOU do to deal with possibility of two-front war

Please read chap-13 of this book http://rahulmehta.com/301.htm . It has several steps where-in you can spend 6 hours a week and help to bring TCP draft in Gazette in India. The steps involve distributing pamphlets, informing citizens on motives of leaders such as Congress MPs, BJP MPs, The Anna etc who oppose TCP draft, by giving newspaper ads and contesting elections. Once TCP gets printed in Gazette, using TCP, it will become easy for activists to get citizens’ opinion law-drafts necessary to create Military and weaponized citizenry to deal with two-front war.

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