31 Improving National-ID system

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31.1 Why UID System

What is a Unique Identification (Uid) System? An Uid system is records of citizens , necessary to identify themselves. Uid is not the id card alone – the card is tiny, weakest and most unimportant part of it. The main part of the id system is the data in Govt registers or computers and its accuracy and completeness. Completeness is very important – a system where 95% citizens have Uid and 5% genuine citizens do not have Uid is as good as defunct for many purposes.

The biggest possible use of a good uid system is – it can assist Govt officials in blocking more Bangladeshies from entering into India, and a good uid system can later also enable officers to prove or disprove that a suspect is not a citizen of India but an illegal Bangladeshies. How serious is the problem of illegal immigration? IMO, it is third biggest threat – right after weakening of Indian Military and poverty. It is bigger than retail corruption. There are over 2 crore Bangladeshies in India, and more keep coming. The three worst possible outcomes are (1)in the coming India vs. Pakistan\China\Bangladesh war, China may manage to send guns, grenades and rocket launchers to over 10 lakh Bangladeshies in India ; there may be 10000 or more Kasabs overnight, and this can wreck not just civilians, but also Indian Military (2)even without war, if population of Bangladeshies keeps increasing in North East and West Bengal border tahsils, then a point may come that immigrants will manage to create a violent movement to secede from India accede with Bangladesh ; so North East and those tahsils of West Bengal may end up becoming part of Bangladesh and crores of Indians in NE may get killed and raped the way many got killed and raped in 1947. (3)Third possibility is – both of the above.

What makes the problem worse is that due to funding from West and Saudi Arabia, most MPs, journalists and activists want to keep silence on this issue. They know that if they talk about the solutions to the illegal immigration problem, then they may lose the bribes and grants. So these MPs, columnists and activists etc oppose, block and sabotage the very act of discussing the administrative solutions to reduce the problem of illegal immigration.

Now using a good uid system and other simple tasks, it is possible to stop and later identify all illegal Bangladeshies. But sadly, uid system, that is being made as on oct-2011 by UIDAI i.e. Unique Identification Authority of India badly lacks features that can enable Govt officials to block and identify out illegal Bangladeshies. Why is Uidai Chairman not adding these features? That’s because we citizens of India don’t have Right to Recall Uidai Chairman. Enacting RTR over Uidai should be the first step for activists interested in blocking Bangladeshies and expelling existing ones. This chapter and chap-33 has more details on the illegal immigration problem and possible solutions. This chapter deals mainly with ID system.

31.2 Information already captured by existing Uid system

The uid system has following details

1. Uid number : 12 digit number is issued to citizen as well as non-citizens

2. Uid has name in English and local language

3. Fingerprint (and whole palmprint) : so if a person tries to get duplicate ID, system will catch him, and later using finger print, person can be verified.

4. Retina scan : so if a person tries to get duplicate ID, system will catch him, and later using retina scan, person can be verified.

5. Date of issuing id card, place of issuing id card

6. Date of birth and approximate year of birth in case DoB proof is not available

7. Xerox copies of other IDs such as passport, driver’s license etc

31.3 Important features not in Uid system, and how activists can force PM to add them

The following useful features are missing in existing uid system and should be added. The items also explain how activists can ensure the addition of these feature.

1. Convince PM to print TCP in Gazette : The activists should force PM\CM to print TCP aka Transparent Complaint Filing System in the Gazette, so that using TCP, citizens and activists can bring other changes with lesser activism. (see section-1.2 for details)

2. Using TCP, activists and citizens should convince PM to print Right to Recall over PM. This will improve efficiency of PM and also motivate PM to print Gazette Notifications necessary to stop Bangladeshies and expel existing Bangladeshies

3. Enact Right to Recall over Uidai Chairman – once TCP is printed in Gazette, the activists can force PM to print RTR over Uidai Chairman. Without RTR over the Chairman, the Chairman will simply delay the process so that Islamists, Christianists and benami land holders benefit and will also keep Uid system weak. Further, in absence of RTR, the Chairman will try his best to escalate the wrongful costs. So RTR over Uidai Chairman is must. The activists can force PM to print RTR procedure over Uidai in Gazette after forcing PM to print TCP in Gazette, and using TCP to prove that widespread citizen support for RTR-Uidai-Chairman exists.

4. Issuing uid with palmprint alone : Uidai should issue Uid to every person in India including children within one year using palm prints and retina scan alone Or even just palm print if retina scan equipment are in short supply. Submitting all other Uids, if present, should be made compulsory but if person does not have other ids, Uid should be issued without them. Uid should not be a proof of citizenship. This is necessary because some 3 cr citizens (genuine Indian citizens, not Bangladeshies) do not have any voter card or ration card or any card !! And it is necessary to issue Uid to all as soon as possible. If other IDs are put as pre-condition, issuance of IDs to all 120 cr citizens will get delayed and some 3 crore may never get it.

5. Printing a clause to imprison or death sentence to non-citizen if he applies for Uid : As of now, we citizens and Govt have no option but to issue uid to who-so-ever who comes and says that he is citizen and wants an ID without asking for documents or witnesses. As of now, there is no was I see to stop that, because some 3 crore genuine Indian citizens have no document – not even ration card. So if an illegal immigrant such as Bangladeshi comes and says that he is citizen of India and demands ID, the clerk will end up giving him an ID. But as a deterrence, we should force PM to print a clause in the Uid legislation in Gazette that “if a non-citizen applies for uid, the Jurors may imprison him for maximum of 15 years or may also impose a death sentence”. When some 1000-1500 Bangladeshies are imprisoned and some 10-15 hanged, the rest one crore Bangladeshies will stop applying.

6. Linking with Uid of parents : The person’s uid data must have his parent’s uids linked with it. If parents have passed away before id was issued to them, then the system should have explicit mention of that fact. This is necessary and sufficient to block more new coming Bangladeshies. How? Pls see chap-33 for details. If the person is below 18, the ID data should contain full fingerprints and full retina scan of the parents as well, because finger-prints and retina scan of children may change before the age of 18.

7. Linking a person’s Uid with Uids of blood relatives : Later, we should add uids of as many blood relatives as possible and also have cross reference. Cross reference means – if there B is listed as A’s blood brother in A’s data, then vice versa must be also there. This will be further useful in tracking illegal Bangladeshies in India. How? Pls see chap-33 for details.

8. Uidai should issue a small id card and a long certificate. The small card will have very few details such as Name, ID number, DoB and photo and thumb prints. The long certificate will have several details such as palm prints, name on passport, PAN-ID, school leaving certificate, ration card, various dates of birth on passport, school leaving certificate and details blood profile, detailed DNA-profile if available and so forth.

9. Jury Trial over Uidai staff : The activists should force PM to print Jury based procedure in Gazette to expel Uidai staff if and when the need be.

10. The activists should ask Uidai Chairman to add a checksum digit at the end of Uid

11. Later, add blood group details from randomly chosen three different labs.

12. DNA data : after 2 years or whenever cost becomes affordable, DNA prints of all citizens should be added in id system. In the beginning, the DNA prints should be made compulsory for all Govt servants, then all citizens who earn above Rs 10 lakhs a year, then citizens who earn Rs 5 lakhs a year, then all citizens who earn Rs 200,000 a year and then all citizens at their cost and time.

31.4 Proposed process to issue Uids – so that all Uids can be issued in one to two years

I propose following process to issue Uids.

1. A permanent office should be there at Tahsildaar’s office or at District Collector’s office, as decided by District ID Officer.

2. There will be at least 3 clerks with finger-print scanner, PC , one scanner to scan documents and a camera connected to PC take the pictures. The retina scanner may or may not be there depending on availability.

3. The clerk will take citizen’s pictures , scan the palm prints, scan the retina if retina scanner is available, scan the ID documents he has brought and will enter the serial numbers of the ID documents he has brought.

4. The clerk will enter the first name, last name, middle name, father’s name, mother’s name in the local language as well English. The clerk will also enter parents’ Uid or other ids, if available and also enter bank account information or post office account information if available.

5. The clerk will enter date of birth as on the document or stated date of birth if there is no document supporting date of birth.

6. The clerk will also enter and verify the mobile number of the citizen. The citizen must have mobile with him at the time of making entry, and that mobile must be in his own name.

7. Each person’s data will be entered twice, and if there is any mismatch, it will be corrected after verification from supervisor.

8. The local PC will issue a temporary Uid immediately. Later, the main office will issue a permanent Uid.

9. In the first round, only those above age of 18 years will be covered. In second round, all citizens will be covered.

10. The citizen who comes to submit his information will be paid Rs 100 as remuneration of his time.

11. If the person doesn’t have bank account, then the local SBI branch or local post office , one of the two not both, will open an bank account for the citizen within 30 days after he gets Uid.

One clerk can enter all the information (except retina scan) within 20 minutes. So time taken per citizen is 40 minutes, as all information is entered twice. Say one clerk works 8 hours a day, 250 days a year. Then in one day, he can enter data of 16 citizens and in one year he can enter data of 4000 citizens. To cover 75 crore adult citizens in 1 year, about 180,000 clerks and some 20000 supervisors. The clerks should be recruited by written exams, temporary and on 1 year contract and with salary of Rs 9000 per month and supervisors with more salaries. Their experience in Uid should count towards next positions in Govt. The raw salary costs will be about Rs 40000 crores per year. Giving Rs 100 to citizens will cost Rs 7500 crores. The PCs and equipment should be bought and will be additional costs as per prevailing market prices. Later, Uid office, equipment and staff can be used for many other clerical/administrative work. With such setup, it is possible to give Uid to all citizens above 18 years within one to two years and rest within next year. So within two to three years, 100% population will have Uid.

Once that happens, we activists can then force PM to print a draft in Gazette that every employer with over 10 employees or contractors must report Uid of employees and contractors to the Govt or face a Jury Trial. This will ensure that employers can hire illegal immigrants and Bangladeshi inflow will reduce to near zero.

31.5 How can activists force PM to add Uid in other record keeping system

1. Linking flat/land record with Uid : Activists should force\convince PM to print a Gazette Notification that owners of all flats, plots etc will report their Uid to land/flat registry offices. This will reduce wealth tax evasion and also reduce income tax evasion on deemed rent.

2. Linking every Employee-Employer relation with Uid: Once Uidai issued Uid to all persons in India, activists can force\convince PM to print a Gazette Notification that all employers will need to report their employees’ Uid to Govt. This will enable Govt to track down fake Uid and catch Bangladeshies with fake Uid. This will make it difficult for new coming adult Bangladeshies to get jobs in India, and so their inflow will reduce.

3. Linking Uid with Income Tax : Once Uidai has issued Uid to all persons in India, activists can force\convince PM to print a Gazette Notification that all deductible expenses such as salary, contract payments, interests etc must be marked with Uid of the receiver. This will reduce fictitious expensing and thus reduce income tax evasion.

4. Linking Uid with bank details : The activists should force PM to print a Gazette Notification asking all bank managers to ensure that all bank accounts have uid.

5. Linking Uid with mobile numbers : The activists should PM to print a Gazette Notification asking all mobile phone companies to obtain Uid of the end users.

6. Linking Uid with students’ registry : The persons with Uid may approach institutions who have issued him certificates such as school leaving certificates, college degrees etc. The institutions will upload the certificates with Uid.
Each time a system is linked with uid, the inconsistencies if any will come out, will get removed and it improve accuracy of uid as well other system.

31.6 Proposed Gazette Notification drafts to improve UID

GN1 : GN draft for Right to Recall UIDAI Chairman

# Procedure For
Procedure / instruction

1 – The word citizen would mean a registered voter

2 District Collector (DC)
If any citizen of India wishes to have position of UIDAIC i.e. Unique ID Authority of India Chairman , and appears before DC in person , the DC would accept his candidacy for Uidac after taking filing fee same as deposit amount for MP election.

3 Talati ,(or Talati’s Clerks)
If a citizen comes to Talati’s office, pays Rs 3 fee , and approves at most five persons for the Uidac, the Talati would enter his approvals in the computer and would him a receipt with his voter-id#, date/time and the persons he approved. Later, PM may install this system over ATM and also using SMS.

4 Talati
The Talati will put the preferences of the citizen on PM’s website with citizen’s voter-ID number and his approvals.

5 Talati
If a citizen comes to cancel his Approvals, the Talati will cancel one of more of his approvals without any fee.

6 PM
If a candidate gets approval of over 15 crore of citizen-voters in India, then PM may or need not expel the existing Uidai Chairman and may or need not appoint the person with highest approval count as Uidaic. The decision of PM will be final.

7 District Collector
If any citizen wants a change in this law, he may submit an affidavit at DC’s office and DC or his clerk will post the affidavit on the website of Prime Minister for a fee of Rs 20/- per page. If any candidate has 1 crore more approvals than existing Uidaic, then the PM may make him Uidaic.

8 Talati (or Patwari)
If any citizens want to register his opposition to this law-draft or any section or wants to register YES-NO to any affidavit submitted in above clause, and he comes to Talati’s office with voter-ID and pays Rs 3 fee, Talati will enter YES/NO and give him a receipt. The YES-NO will be posted on the website of PM.

GN2 : Functioning of Uidai and its Chairman

# Procedure for
Procedure / instruction

1 Uidaic
Uidaic will appoint District Id Officers (DIO) . A DIO may cover one or more Districts as decided by Uidaic. DIO may open offices at Tahsil levels as the need be.

2 Uidaic, SIO, DIO
Uidaic may use staff of Govt on deputation or may recruit staff via open competitive exams such IIT-JEE, State Bank of India Selection Exams, CAT or any existing exam he deems fit. He can hire a staff of 100 persons for 2 year contract to develop software for Uid.

3 Uidaic
Uidaic can ask PM or Parliament or both for funds necessary to create and maintain IDs and related information.

4 Uidaic, DIO
Uidaic, DIO an staff will obtain ID#, Name, address, date of birth of persons who have passport, PAN Card, Driver’s License and Voter Card from the respective departments. Using them , he will pre-issue Uids to those who have passport, PAN Card, Driver’s License or Voter ID.

5 All Citizens
Every citizen is informed that moment he gets his Uid, within 60 days, he must inform his ID to near by Passport office, Income Tax Dept and RTO office, every bank where he has account so that his Uid gets linked with Passport, PAN ID, bank accounts. In addition, the person will also inform local Municipal offices within 60 days for every flat/plot he has in that area. If they fail to do so, the Jurors may issue a fine of up to Rs 10000 or 1% of property value or amount in the bank, whichever is lower.

6 All Citizens
Every citizen is informed that moment he gets his Uid, within 60 days, he must inform DIO or near by ID office and submit copy of his passport, PAN card, Driver’s license and voter card to the Uid office. If they fail to do so, the Jurors may issue a fine of up to Rs 10000 or 1% of annual income, whichever is lower.

7 All Citizens
Any citizen can visit DIO office, or Tahsil level office opened by DIO, and submit his finger print and xerox copies of existing Ids and apply for Uid. The DIO or officer appointed by DIO will take the fingerprints and enter the Id information in the system, and get them verified by the applicant citizen. If citizen has no Id, the DIO will take his name as he says, his pass port size picture and his fingerprint and issue an Id.

8 All citizens
All citizens are informed that moment they come to know that his spouse, child, father, mother , brother or sister has Id, they must inform DIO of the Id best of his knowledge and/or give necessary details such as name, address, PAN-ID, driver’s license and other details asked.

9 All persons
All persons are informed that if a non-citizen applies for Uid, the Jurors may impose a fine of Rs 100,000 and/or prison sentence of 3 years. This clause would come into effect after due legislation is passed.

10 DIO ,All non-citizens residing in India
DIO will issue Uid without asking for any residency/citizenship proof. If person has no other Ids, DIO will issue Id on the basis of fingerprint and his name as he says alone. However, all non-citizens are informed that if a non-citizen applies for Uid and does not surrender it within 6 months after he obtains it, then a Jury may issue a prison sentence on him of up to 10 years and may also impose death penalty on him.

11 Uidaic
If a citizen requests on affidavit to make some of his details public, then Uidaic will put those details on NISC website.

12 Uidaic, Jurors
Uidaic and DIO will call a Jury of 12 randomly chosen citizens to decide dispute between employees and dispute between citizens and employees. The citizen of Jury may challenge the verdicts in the courts.

13 Uidaic
As and when time and budget permits, Uidaic may take additional biometric information such as retina scan, blood group details and DNA fingerprints of all citizens.

14 All School Principals
All School principals are informed that every year, they will send list of students who have passed out from their schools and studying in their schools with their names and Uid best to their knowledge.

15 All Bank Managers
All Bank Managers are informed that every year, they will send list of all account holders and their Uid best to their knowledge.

31.7 ID system in United States

Intellectuals have mislead citizens by saying that “US has ID system, but US has not been able to stop illegal immigration, so India must not waste time and money into ID system”. Their claims are wrong. US does have ID system and records that make US Govt capable of proving and disproving that person is citizen, legal immigrant or illegal immigrants. So US Govt is capable of expelling all illegal immigrants if and when needed. The USG does not expel the illegal immigrants as they provide cheap labor and are not threat to security and integrity of US. So while ID system has given capability to US to expel illegals, they dont use it for their interests. Where as in India, we have no record keeping system as of now to prove , disprove if a person is citizen or not. So we are not even in position of expelling illegals within months or even years. The records as of now are so incomplete that citizenship of mere 10% population can be fully established. Further, the Bangladeshi imigrants are threat to our security as well as integrity. So not only Indian intellectuals are lying, they are working against Indian interests in opposing ID system. We request all non-80G-activists of India to confront these intellectuals and prove to citizens that these intellectuals are anti-India.

31.8 Other party’s stand on National-ID system

All parties, including BJP, is against National-ID system. Which is why BJP leaders such as LKA, Pramod, Shourie, ABV etc did not implement National -ID system in their 7 years of regime. The reason is trivial — a person-ID system makes it difficult to hide black wealth and black money and since they are supporters of these elitemen, they are all opposing National-ID system. We request citizen not to vote for these leaders as they are opposing National-ID system. In Jun-2009, PM MMS started a weak Uid system, which will make Uid just another card but incapable of reducing wealth tax evasion and incapable of tracking, stopping and expelling Bangladeshies. The activists should force PM to issue the Gazette Notifications to improve Uid.

31.9 What can YOU do improve ID system in India?

Please read chap-13 of this book http://rahulmehta.com/301.htm . It has several steps where-in you can spend 6 hours a week and help to bring TCP draft in Gazette in India. The steps involve distributing pamphlets, informing citizens on motives of leaders such Congress MPs, BJP MPs, The Anna etc who oppose TCP draft, by giving newspaper ads, contesting elections. Once TCP gets printed in Gazette, using TCP, it will become easy for activists to get citizens’ opinion RTR-PM, RTR UID Chairman, NID etc drafts. And based on citizens’ opinion, the PM may decide whether these drafts should be printed in the Gazette. If and when these drafts get printed in the Gazette, the ID system in India will improve.

Review Questions

1. Which ID is universal and compulsory in India as of now?
2. True/False : US has no system in place to identify legality of illegal immigrants
3. Lets say the as on Jan-1-2009, everyone in India older than six months has Person-ID and employers are required to report Person-ID. Now explain how an adult illegal Bangladeshi can obtain employment in India
4. Say person-ID is tagged with DNA. Now consider a person who has no blood relative in DNA database. What are the chances he is immigrant?


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